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A little bit stupid…

Everything happens for a reason.

But sometimes the reason is that you’re

stupid and you make bad decisions.

I wanted to thank each and every one of you who reached out to me either here or in-world during the past week. The positive messages of support and encouragement have certainly influenced my decisions as I have deliberated on my future inside Second Life. I have been extremely humbled by people’s reaction and after many conversations, especially with those dearest to my heart I have decided that it would indeed be a stupid act to finish my time in Second Life over the recent events. After all, I survived the nightmare experience of my SecondLife marriage breakup in 2012, so this pales in significance to nothing more than a little speed bump on the road of SecondLife romance and relationships.

2014 10 08 Tre and PB Out for Breakfast

I have made no attempt to hide my disappointment at the events that unfolded and although there is very little hurt remaining, (in many ways it was a gift but I will reveal that in time) I still feel incredibly annoyed at the lies and deception which took place.

Although I always expect a certain level of dishonesty online maybe this time I am more annoyed because the person presents themselves as a kind, compassionate, christian gentleman whilst engaging in underhanded duplicity. Worse is it has now become apparent these exact maneuvers have been completed in the past. Leaving one to wonder if it is indeed just a well versed modus operandi. At the very least it is hypocrisy on a grand scale and may Sunday come quickly as there is a soul which needs to seek forgiveness.

Tell the truth, no lies
I can take it
Bend your breath, just this once
Run your mouth
I bet I can catch it
You sound just like a Judas

For some reason men like this never seem to come undone. They just move from one woman’s arms to another, able to deflect blame from themselves onto the woman they have betrayed. Maybe it is us, the women who live the experience that actually assist and enable this poor behaviour. Instead of speaking out we hide behind a wall of embarrassment, not willing to be labelled vindictive by sounding an alarm and revealing the true depth and extent of the lies.

Should we even care about the women that come after us? Or just rejoice in the bullet dodged? We know that it is as sure as day that the avatar name will change as the list of alt’s increase for no one is ever safe from the games this style of predator plays.

A SecondLife survival tip: Never believe anyone who tells you they have only one alt.

And if there’s anything I learned
That will keep me standing
If I take you at your word
Then I’m empty handed
A tongue like yours should be burned and branded
So I can see you lie to me

Second Life has always had an element of lies, deceit and betrayal. These are not positive human characteristics no matter how we try to put a spin on it. If not yourself, among your friends list there would be those who have experienced being cheated on, spied upon, stalked and told real life stories good enough to become a top rating daytime soap series. Move over Days of our Lives, Second Life drama is playing live today!

Men like this are there for the game play. Their ego gets stroked as they weave the tail of deception and reel in woman after woman. There is no way of stopping their behaviour and certainly no way they will change. This is how they get their excitement, that little kick when they log in.

Lost be found
I’m a bloodhound born for seeking
Poor prey, you must be tired
Stood your ground
But your airtight drums were bleeding
And now it’s all on fire

Yet to the women who are fully aware these men are involved with someone else and still feel it is ok to cheat with them, because after all, it is only a “game”. You can change your ways and stop encouraging this behaviour. A man will not cheat if you do not allow it. By giving him the green light of disrespect you are guaranteeing further down the road he will do the same to you.

So as you hear his tender “I love you” keep in the back of your mind, there was a time in your not so distant past when he was saying those same words to another woman and you at the same time. That’s a comforting thought for a secure and stable relationship eh.

Finally to those who have been stalking my profile to see what I have written and just how much I am prepared to reveal, please know there are things call blog stats which show clearly what you are doing and IP addresses. Just sayin’ maybe don’t use google search uk in future when you are on a snooping mission ;).

Does make you wonder who ended up the stupid one…..

I wish the air would color red
When you breathe it in
And so I could have seen it coming
Look in my eyes when you say you love me
So I can see you lie to me


6 comments on “A little bit stupid…

  1. Travvy
    November 14, 2014

    yaaaaaaaaaay, my babydoll did it right. I am so proud of your stamina, strength and guts. This blog was one of your best ones in my mind. I mean what are us poor guys to do without enablers. Hugs u tight…

    • purplebutterflylykin
      November 14, 2014

      Thank you Trav for your words of wisdom and guidance along the way this past week. One thing I do know about Aussie’s .. we are tough little cookies and at the end of the day I’m not going to let some lying little boy take me down 😉 Hugs right back at you.

  2. Juggy
    November 14, 2014

    Thumbs up PB, you found the oh so right words to describe men (not all 😉 ) actions and behavior in SecondLife. I am proud of you, and wish that sometimes I was able to express myself like you did, if I need it.
    Big Huggss PB…..you are a very special (and smart) woman!

    • purplebutterflylykin
      November 14, 2014

      Thanks Jug for being a friend. Although I do believe we all can express ourselves when we have been on the end of lies and deceit. Some of us just manage to be more eloquent that others .. usually I’m not, I just have the ability to edit out the cursing this time. LOL.

  3. Dani
    November 14, 2014

    *Makes a note not to use google again*

    SL doesnt have the market on idiots and liars sis, you know that, though it does my heart good that you’re staying on your own terms and doing what is right for you.

    Bounce back even stronger and learn from what’s gone on before, that’s my girl!

    Hugs tight PB, and here’s to many more years of stalking you…

    • purplebutterflylykin
      November 14, 2014

      LOL SIS !!!! Keep stalking me … I would start to feel lonely if I didn’t sense you in the shadows. As you can see I took your advice on board. You were right as per usual. Smiles and hugs.

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