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PurpleButterfly Lykin

Every Step Counts

2014 11 20 PB Rock Chic Coloured

The first step is the one you believe in
The second one might be profound.

I’ll follow you down ~ Shinedown

Ever thought at times that you are walking the steps of someone foreign in your own Second Life? That what you do and how you are doing it really aren’t the person you expected to be. Or that maybe because of experiences you have encountered you have strayed so far from that person who first entered the world.

I’m not promoting naiveness here. As adults we understand  that through our experiences and aging we grow as people. We should not expect that how we were at time of first rezz is how we are going to be years later. We enter Second Life not really prepared for the hustle and bustle of robust online living, instead being mesmerized by the glamour and wonder that meets our eyes.

I don’t care if we fall from grace

I’ll follow you down ….

Change is rarely easy. It is entwined with stress and comes fraught with fear. There is uncharted territory to conquer. We stumble along the way, getting a bruise here or there.

Yet as I gaze back at the steps I have climbed there is a smile on my face. Sure they have been steep and painful at times but finally I not just think the words but believe that what other people think is not important when it comes to being your authentic self.

There’s nowhere else that I would rather be

I’m not about to compromise ..

Like most people when faced with conflict and resolution the turmoil I have experienced over the past few weeks has bought with it an opportunity to change direction and find once more what truly matters to me. To reflect on what it is that I want and more importantly need from the time I spend inside Second Life.

There is a smile on my face and a song in my soul as I am content and happy with not only who I am but who I aim to be.

Hair: DeLa – Dina Mesh Hair (Browns)
Shoes: N-core – Cherie (Black Pattent)
Top: LaMarca – Shilow @ Marketplace
Skirt: KharacteR – Stacy (previous hunt gift)

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