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Home to my Heart

2104 11 19 A Mountain Mystery - Achilles & PB Home

Home is not a place … it is a feeling

Having a home in Second Life is something I cherish. Since my second week in-world I have lived in “something” and whenever homeless, even for a day or two, I feel unsettled and a little bit lost. Proving I certainly wasn’t an ally cat in a previous life.

It is not about having all my favourite bits and pieces surrounding me, as with each new Arcade event I seem to swap things about (or just buy more prims). For me it is about having a sense of belonging. A place that I can kick off my shoes and call home.

2104 11 19 A Mountain Mystery - Top DeckOver the past eighteen months I have rented various skybox environments from Mystical Rentals and recommend their rental service to anyone. As my mood begs me to find something a little different, I simply try another of the settings they offer. Moving is made easy and their customer service has always been outstanding.

It feels like home to me …

Feels like I’m all the way back

where I belong

Even as someone who gets great enjoyment out of landscaping and terraforming, although these boxes do come already landscaped and obviously can’t give you terraform rights with generous prim allowances adding your own touches and garden designs to the place, enables you to create something which becomes uniquely yours.

2104 11 19 A Mountain Mystery - Home

The first time I decorated the Padre House from L2 Studio it became more of a display house than a home as I never actually lived within its walls.

Despite the long history and deep love that Achilles and I share together (as mentioned on my blog post Serendipity happens back in August) and the fact that over the years he has often been a house guest of mine, this is the first time we have actually made the decision to move in together and create a home just for “us”.

The Padre seemed the perfect home to help us create more wonderful memories of our life together. Filled with love, devotion and passion there are so many facets of this home which have become favourites I now cherish.

From the inviting kitchen perfect for those midnight moments feeding one another cake and kissing by the refrigerator to the luxurious bathroom where stars twinkle above and hours are spent soaking away the daily stress.

When alone I often cuddle up in our theater room, watching our love story unfold before my eyes. I must admit to getting quite an attack of the giggles when those 2010 pictures pop up. Back when fashion and photography skills were not a high priority.

2014 11 26 Achilles PB Rumpus Room

If you knew how much

this moment means to me …

If you knew how happy

you are making me …

Yet my all time favourite part of our home is seeing these two flags hanging proudly together at the front door.

2104 11 19 A Mountain Mystery - Front Door

To me they mean much more than representing two nationalities. They are the symbols that finally, despite all that has happened, everything that has come between us, those ridiculous time zones, we are finally where we are meant to be … together and best of all … unbelievably happy!

My heart is finally home.

With so many items displayed I am not going to do a credits listing. So if you see something you like and want to know its name just throw out a message here or in world and I will be happy to find the name and creator for you.

Have a great day everyone.

Hugs PB x


2 comments on “Home to my Heart

  1. Drems
    November 28, 2014

    Thank goodness you’re finally home. I can get some sleep now without worry. How perfect is the lyrics to that song PB. It’s beautiful!! Hugs!

    • purplebutterflylykin
      November 28, 2014

      Yep you can sleep easy now, PB’s life is once more balanced and secure. You are one of the very few who can understand the depth of feeling between A and I, so you picked it in one, the lyrics ARE perfect. Probably why I chose the song haha. Huggss and thanks Drem for worrying about me from time to time.

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