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December Days

2014 11 27 PB Garden coffee break

Although the busiest month by far with Christmas preparations, end of year celebrations and school award ceremonies for the children; December is my favourite time of the year.

For over two decades I have been shopping during the year as an economical way of tackling my extensive Christmas gift giving list. Although storage is an issue venturing into the stores come December becomes more about soaking up the atmosphere of festive decorations and carols whilst enjoying a grande coffee in the air-conditioning than running about stressed. This time of year is usually rather hot in Australia although the past week has been thunderstorm after thunderstorm for most of the Eastern side.

Wanting to get into the spirit of the whole Second Life Black Friday Sales and Christmas Advent Calendars, I found buried deep inside my inventory this cute holiday season snowman handbag by Pure Poison Fashion. Yet another thing from my SecondLife inventory that I wished I owned in real life. *sigh*

It wasn’t long after tp’ing around the grid picking up discounted gift vouchers for future use that I spotted this cafe van and well, I’m sure you can work out the rest …

2014 11 27 PB Garden coffee shopping spree

Cheers everyone, may your shopping season be fun and festive with minimal stress or chaos.

This cute fancy frozen drink I am holding, comes from the in-store gatcha machine at No Cabide. With six designs (2 rares) and only $25L a turn how can you help but begin your own personal collection.

(And if anyone is lucky enough to get the red RARE and wants to trade for the pink RARE .. IM me.)

Hugs PB x

HAir: Catwa – carla
Dress: ISON – charlotte dress (snow)
Shoes: Similar – Pisa (White Leather)
Handbag: Pure Poison – Snowcutie Handbag
Drink: No Cabide – Frozen Stop Here Santa

3 comments on “December Days

  1. purplebutterflylykin
    December 5, 2014

    To Drems … more than a friend and someone who seems to have the “rare” mojo a happening this week. Thank you sooooo much for your little red gift, thinking ya’ll going to see me about SL slurping till Christmas now. Huggies.

  2. Drems
    December 6, 2014

    You’re very welcome PB. Yes, I am having a lucky week with the “Rares”. Enjoy your gift. Huggies.

  3. Cougar Sangria
    December 9, 2014

    I long for sunshine and warmth right now. A lovely post PB ♥

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