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I WILL Make a Stand

2014 11 25 PB Hope you Dance

Earlier today I came across a song by the talented artist Alicia Keys. Called “”We are Here” the lyrics sent me into deep reflection about how regardless of our nationality, fundamentally when it comes to issues of society, we are the same with the same concerns and battles.

This year, 2014 seemed like the world lost sight of the cornerstones of peace, forgiveness, understanding and co-operation.

Snapshot moments of conflict across the globe are beamed into our lounge rooms. Race fueled riots in America another school shooting. Bombs exploding in Iraq, Israel annihilating Gaza.

219 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped, 283 people killed over Ukrainian airspace. As ISIS push forward in their quest for more territory home-grown terror alerts rise. Now nearly a year on, under a banner of democracy the Egyptian court has imprisoned three journalist, Australian Peter Greste, Canadian-Egyptian Mohamed Fahmy and Egyptian Baher Mohamed simply for doing their job.

The list of terror and heartbreak goes on and on.

Closer to home for me is the inhumane treatment a conservative Australian Government delivers to those fleeing torture and persecution who happen upon our shores. Cruel cuts and regulations to social payments for single families, the unemployed, homeless, sick and disabled. The slashing of funding to health and education with attempts made to reduce the freedom and privacy for every Australian.

With 2015 only weeks away, maybe it is time for just normal citizens, not policy makers, to think about what sort of message we want to be reading next December.

I know for me, it is my time to stand tall, head held high and become the voice for love, compassion, freedom and equality.

As the wise Ms Keys says … Lets remember we are here for all of us.

Let’s talk about our part
My heart touch your heart …

… Let’s talk about living
Had enough of dying, not what we all about

… Let’s do more giving
Do more forgiving, yeah

~ Alicia Keys – We are Here Lyrics


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