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More than Creating a Card

2014 12 20 PB 2014 Christmas Card

If you’re good you can be on Santa’s

NICE List …

If you’re naughty you can be on my


One thing I have always loved doing each festive season is creating a card for all those special people in-world who are on my friend list. Being someone who culls their friend list regularly those who remain are people whose friendship I value. We might not speak daily and six months might even go by without a conversation but the connection and commitment to being a friend remains.

With so much tragedy around in 2014 and after what was a horror week for Australian’s with a couple of major tragedies, I felt the need to create a card this year that would give people a little bit of a giggle and also bring the smile back to my heart.

2014 12 20 PB Inside Card Message

Deciding on a “PB’s Party Essentials” theme the fun began.

In went a good bottle of wine, a purple snow hat, because can you believe it, I couldn’t find a transferable Santa hat!!!! After the bottle of wine lets face it, you really aren’t going to know or care that it’s not a Santa hat and the P in PB does stand for “Purple”.

Realizing that we weren’t really hitting the “naughty list” target area in went a pair of black polka dot knickers to throw on the floor; as all good parties end with panties on the floor, ummm … continuing on…

Keeping to a tradition I began years ago to always create a small gift myself to include with the card, I set out to make a pair of handcuffs because well .. errrr .. .everyone needs a set of those even if it is just to dangle off the bed post and attract  like minded people  Dust. …yes DUST people … plain ole boring “dust”.

2014 12 20 PB 2014 Chistmas Card Can Explain

Quickly makes a check that Santa isn’t watching and whispers with a delightful giggle … just because I CAN make them naughtier, anyone who is interested in their set including the RLV menu, just you know, let me know.

Winks, nods and crosses my fingers that Santa doesn’t ask me for THAT explanation.

To all those who are also Second Life residents reading this blog (yet not on my inworld friend list) you too are dear friends who I appreciate. Without your visits and the time you take to read and comment, this little blog would be mighty lonely with just me and my words. So please just pop in comments you’d like a Party Pack and I will send you one.

To everyone,



Hugs PB xxx

Outfit: Pure Poison – Tia Skirt w Candy Studded Bra (Red)
Necklace: NJoy – Christmas Lights Necklace (marketplace)
Santa Hat: Divinity – Mistletoe Santa Hat (Gatcha)
Bag: Pure Poison – Kinky Clutch

2 comments on “More than Creating a Card

  1. Travvy
    December 24, 2014

    Merry Christmas you animal you. Impish grin on my face….

    • purplebutterflylykin
      December 24, 2014

      Merry Christmas to you and yours Trav.

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