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Turn on your light

When it gets real, just know that I’ll be there
I got your back, like it’s just you and me here
I’ll go to war for you, let them bring it
I’ll take on the world for you, better believe it

So if you need me,

….. just holla my name

Lyrics by: G.R.L – Lighthouse

NEEDS A LITTLE WARNING: Today is one of those deep and serious type of discussions. You know the type, where you just let the thoughts flow onto the page not really sure which direction you might actually finish at. A post where you try to make sense of situations by just downloading the information and sorting it into relevant piles as you go. So anyone seeking light and fluffy, today would be the day to scroll onto the next blog on your reader or hit that delete button in your email. Although I would plead that you continue to read for I believe the ultimate message is important.

Last week a long time friend called my dedication and commitment to friendship into account. Despite best intentions I have to admit that if you seek a friend who will remember birthdays and special events; or ask about doctor appointment results then I am probably not a great candidate. My track record on responding to conversational emails is generally poor and rare are random telephone calls with no purpose but just chit-chat.

In my eyes, these issues have never been a problem or even a lacking to those friendships I hold so dear to my heart. I have always believed that my sense of care and responsibility for those within my arms reach was evident. That the love and loyalty I give to those who enter my world of friendship is as true online as it is in my reality. Whether we speak daily or once ever six months my friendship is secure with my commitment to always be there, steadfast.

Like many times in my life, I turned to music. There are many reasons emotional and physical why different songs impact upon us and as I searched upon my soul for my beliefs on friendship and the obligations if any which are tied to being someone’s friend, one particular song hit me hard.

2015 01 21 PB Piano playing

Devastated by the lost of their band member Simon Battle to suicide back in September, girl band G.R.L, released in dedication last Thursday a tune called Lighthouse.

Having said goodbye to soon to people in my life an advocacy promoting awareness of suicide prevention strategies has developed. The World Health Organisation states over 800,000 people die each year by taking their own life. What staggering statistics when you think of how many others are not successful with their attempts.

We often hold the misconception that only people suffering depression or mental illness will suicide. Unfortunately emotional upheaval and crisis is more often what leads to this sad and totally preventable outcome.

When the night gets cold and the lights go out
The sun is gone behind the clouds
And you feel lost, and I’ll reach out
To guide you home with my lighthouse

Joining with Give one Hour, an American non-profit organisation, G.R.L hope to promote and make people aware of five key signs that someone close to you may be suffering emotionally. (Visit the website www.grlgivesanhour.org  if you are interested in more details.)

2015 01 20 PB Lighthouse

The lyrics have spoken many important messages to me the past few days, the one which is pivotal to this post is that regardless if as a friend you remember birthdays, or promptly reply to an email, true friendship is at its brightest when you know, no matter what, that person will wrap their arms around you and hold you safe in your times of need and darkness.

After sorting my thoughts into neat little piles I conclude that some people need those little things to remember just how much you care, especially if you don’t occasionally say the words.

As you go about your day, consider, if you have a good friend to take some time to send out a message and let them know that you not only see their light shinning but that they will never be alone.

Hugs everyone, PB xxx


For anyone needing information or assistance the following are available 24/7:


Lifeline Australia: Call 13 11 14 www.lifeline.org.au

Kids Help Line: Call 1800 55 1800 www.kidshelpline.com.au


Suicide Prevention LifeLine: 1800 273 TALK (8255) TTY: 1800 799 4889

United Kingdom: 

Samaritans: 08 457 90 90 90

Childline: 0800 1111



3 comments on “Turn on your light

  1. spunknbrains
    January 22, 2015

    Well that explains all the missed birthdays..and holidays… {slacker}. We haven’t always seen eye to eye on many things sis and there has been many occasions where we don’t talk as much due to whatever is going on each of our lives.. though I can honestly say that you have always offered yourself to listen.. and given me silent support. Mommy dearest said I have to like you.. 😛

    • purplebutterflylykin
      January 22, 2015

      LOL yep the secret is out of the bag now, although I swear your Christmas present is sitting behind the couch next to Achilles’s gift, so maybe collect it next time you pop over.

      BTW … don’t try sucking up to Mommy, cause we all know I’m her favourite 😛


      • spunknbrains
        January 23, 2015

        I’ll sneak in and grab it when you’re not home and make sure you leave some cake and that will more than make up for it.

        It’s because she knows … eh.. yes.. definitely. 😛

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