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Just a Baby @ 227

2015 01 24 Koala Bear Aussie

Everyone knows I am a very proud Australian. Whenever an opportunity arises you find me waving the national flag, talking about the great things my country has to offer and telling everyone, YES come down under and visit. Whether you enjoy good fresh food (strong beer); adventure sports (crazy people!); natural scenery (tropics to desert, beach to bush); different and unique wildlife (sure most of it wants to kill you); friendly locals or just sun, sun and yep more sun, Australia really is a place to put on that bucket list and dream about making into reality.

With party hats ready, Australia lights 227 candles on the birthday cake tomorrow. In world terms that makes Australia just a baby, but what a baby it is!

We may not be rich with ornate buildings dating back centuries as found in Europe, although we do have some beautiful colonial buildings. Nor do we have any civil wars to re-enact and reminisce about keystones of freedom, although we do have the 1808 Rum Rebellion and Eureka Stockade credited with the development of Australian democracy and identity.

Our history is rich, telling a colourful tale about surviving against the odds.

Starting with the ancient travels of Australia’s first people, the Aboriginals, who as one of the oldest races on this planet, 75,000 years ago left Africa to travel into the unknown lands of Asia and Australia. Then in 1778, early British settlers were welcomed by a harsh climate and ground infertile to crops. When the Second Fleet arrived in 1790, it not only bought desperately needed food and supplies but also a horrific death toll of 278 convicts and crew who had perished on the unforgiving torturous voyage to the end of the earth, Australia.

Blessed with soil rich in minerals, gold and gas, Australia expanded from a British penal colony into its own country within the British Commonwealth. This island nation with a relative small population of only 23 million pulls its weight economically and on the world stage. Putting that in perspective, our nearest neighbour Indonesia has a population of 250 million; the United Kingdom 64 million and United States 316 million. Whether by agreement or not of the Australian people, we have participated in most wars, aid and peace keeping operations since the Great War 100 years ago.

The unique and laid back Australian psyche and personality was formed due to isolation and the hostile and extreme weather of drought, fire and floods. There really is no other choice but to adopt a relaxed manner, dripping with humour when stuck on an island were the weather and animals all want to kill you. That “She’ll be right Mate” attitude allows flexibility to adapt and accept that which comes our way.

So tomorrow as millions of Aussies enjoy the company of friends and family around the BBQ, eat lamingtons and play a game of backyard cricket or beach volleyball, we as a nation will be proudly displaying our colours and continuing that walk started so many years ago by our ancestors.

2015 01 24 Koala Hanging

I was thrilled beyond belief to find these Australian themed slink nail designs as a free gift from Flair. I wanted to share the marketplace link with you all as my little Australia Day Love and hope to see you all running about grid tomorrow with Aussie fingers and toes! Thank you Sasy Scarborough from Flair for making this little koala girl happy!


And given my sense of humour, I couldn’t help but leave a little Australia Day present full of love at the door for MR P. Sure I could have bought him a kangaroo or even a koala to hold, but climbing into the nearest tree I’m going to wait to see if that matching onesie sitting on the front verandah ever climbs into the tree with me.

Now ….. wonder if I will be allowed to get a photo of that? Anyone want to start the betting ?

Just how persuasive can an Aussie girl be …. winks, lets see!

Hugsss, PB xx

Outfit: Pixicat- Whimsical Onesie (Koala)
Eyeliner: MONS – Makeups black eyeliner series 2
Hair: Truth – Magenta w Roots
Australian Tattoo: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Australia-Day-tattoos/4423326
Jewellery: Cae – Interlaced Collar

8 comments on “Just a Baby @ 227

  1. Drems
    January 26, 2015

    I think Mr. P. will climb any tree for you PB.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      January 26, 2015

      Climbing the tree won’t be the issue up for bartering Drem … giggles .. it will be the whole wearing a onesie, let alone a cute koala one ROFLOL.

  2. Cougar Sangria
    January 26, 2015

    I am betting there will be two in a tree 🙂 There will be if Mr. P is a smart man, which I am sure he is.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      January 30, 2015

      Well I’ve always known him to be a very smart man Cougar, *grins. But we’ve never included a rather cute onesie into the equation before. LOL

  3. bellamarie1980
    January 26, 2015

    Giggle. Sooo looking forward to that pic. Happy Aussie Day!!! ♥

    • purplebutterflylykin
      January 30, 2015

      LOL trust me it will have pride of place on the blog Bella. Hugs and welcome to WordPress!

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