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Bear-ing it all for love

2015 01 26 A pair of koalas

It’s crazy what people do for love,


its even more crazy what love does to people.

Wasn’t too long ago that in my Australia Day post (found here), I left Mr. P a token of Aussie love in the form of a koala onesie with a flirty little offer to join me in the upper branches of the tree over looking our home. I’ll admit to not being sure of the outcome, wondering if maybe my present box would sit at the front door as a trip hazard for the next few months as we negotiated the terms and conditions to its wearing.

Although very good-natured with a wicked sense of humour matching my own, in four years of friendship I have NEVER seen Mr. P in any form of costume, let alone one that depicts an animal. I do remember a time years ago when I was considering moving to an alt, him asking if the ears and tail on her were a permanent fixture? That maybe PB should forget about running away as a kitten and embrace her own beauty.  Sound advice I am forever grateful for having received and helped develop the mantra I still hold today to on our original pixels persevere through those down times SecondLife throws at us all. Our links to the history of our avatars becomes important the longer we spend in world.

Having enjoyed a wonderful national day over indulging in all things Australian, you can imagine the fits of giggles when I logged into SecondLife that evening to find an unexpected surprised of Mr. P naked at the front door fighting with Second Life lag to get his present.

With permission (thank you Achilles) I share below a small snippet of the conversation and hope you get to enjoy just some of the laughter we shared among the leaves.

PB : LOL, now I should log in and see this more often!
PB :  . .so you know what I want ??? giggles like a teen girl into my hand
Mr.P : I know what you want (laughs)
PB : oh don’t you just look so cute !
Mr.P: Cute isn’t my usual look

Mr. P : Happy Australia Day (grins)

PB : Omg I’m gunna fall off my chair
Mr.P : This is a one-off. I ain’t going furry. 
PB : kisses your cheek … you indulge me
Mr.P : This definitely earns me brownie points though
PB : yes it certainly does. I’m actually rather thrilled you are doing it
Mr.P : Pervert

Lastly I want to thank Mr. P for making my day all that more special with his surprise visit. You really are a good sport babe for letting me share this. xx

So what do you think?  Having participated in this crazy act should he become an honourary Australian?  Although I seem to recall him mention something about XXXX and criminals when I asked him if he felt Australian …. so instead lets have a vote on whether the koala onesie gets buried in the back of the wardrobe or is embraced into everyday fashion wear for Mr. P.

Let me know in comments below.

Hugs, PB x

2015 01 26 Koala Cuddle

*For credits please see original post on 26th January 2015.

3 comments on “Bear-ing it all for love

  1. Juggy
    February 2, 2015

    This month it is Carnival time, so if the two of you decided to celebrate Carnival, I’d say go as 2 lovely and adorable koala’s *smiles*. And…..thumbs up for Mr. P, he is a true sports for making your National Day extra special PB.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      February 2, 2015

      Hugs Juggy, I like the idea of a month of Carnival! As for Mr. P, yes he certainly went the extra mile to put a smile on his Aussie girl’s face.

  2. Cougar Sangria
    February 7, 2015

    Gawd!!!!!! I just love it !!! Mr. P is a such a good sport and such a wonderful surprise on your National Holiday too. BTW PB you are not fooling me, I know you guys had a wicked good time in those suits ^5 ♥

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