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Last Minute Valentine

2015 02 13 PB Valentine

To find someone who will love you for no reason,

and to shower that person with reasons,

 that is the ultimate happiness.

~ Robert Brault

It is already Valentine’s Day in my part of the world and with my nose buried in a bouquet of roses and with chocolate smeared upon my lips, I wanted to share a last-minute idea for those that wake this morning and think, “Omg, I need a gift and QUICK!”

My go to store when it comes to celebrations, Aphrodite Shops has released this super cute Valentine’s basket as an exclusive for Room69. (Meaning you must go to Room69 to purchase this item.)

At only $269 linden this basket is the ideal gift for any lady on the grid. Packed with items designed to bring a certain smile to her lips, once rezzed the basket requires a simple touch click to bring up a menu. The items once selected are delivered straight to inventory.

Choices include a stunning pink rose bouquet complete with fluttering purple butterflies, which of course was my personal favourite, how could it not be right ??? A bubbling glass of champagne to sip whilst popping chocolate after chocolate into one’s mouth. Just sayin’, right now I am glad my dress has ties in it which can be loosened before Mr P arrives. Chuckles .. now that is an oxymoron if I’ve ever used one!

Also included as a special gift is a 1 prim Shitzu pup which can either be rezzed (as shown below) or held. It reminded me of visits to my Aunt, a Shitzu breeder, when I was younger. With my cousin we would dress the pups in Cabbage Patch doll clothes and push them about in a pram. At least this mesh version won’t be complaining quite so much as the pup’s who, now as an adult, I realize weren’t having as much fun as we did. The neighbour’s at least thought it was cute!

2015 02 13 Valentine Gift Basket - Opened

Although the special Valentine evening on the 14th is fully booked out, for the Aphrodite’s Casa de Aromas Restaurant, you could still book a special date experience there in the next few weeks. After all, not everyone can celebrate on the 14th and showing your love should never be reserved for just one day!

I am extremely jealous of anyone who did manage to secure tickets to the Valentine themed event. With live singers, roleplaying waiters and waitresses as well as a sushi chef show I’m pouting in my corner at having missed my chance to purchase a ticket. If you are like me and didn’t know about the event till too late, maybe join the Aphrodite group to stay up to date with their events and specials. I know I will certainly be putting this on my “must do” calendar for next year!

With much love in my heart, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! May cupid shoot an arrow or two your way and if he misses, at least may he leave you some chocolate!

Now it wouldn’t be a PB post about love if I didn’t include a message and song for Mr P.

So darling, I’ll just say, your heart is in safe hands for my first aid resuscitation certificate is up to date. I am far too old for babies and given my inventory and that of my mom and sister’s, it would be zero challenge to find that yacht!

*winks and laughs loudly*    Forever, your angel  “minx” 


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