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Wild about LOVE – Travel 52 : Postcard 11

2015 02 11 PAL Park Wild about Love - Waterfallls

“How dangerous” she thought.

“To finally have something worth loosing.”

~ Ten word story via senyahearts

As the search list end got closer, desperation started to take over. Having set out on a mission to find “the” perfect place to spend some Valentine loving I couldn’t believe that nothing was tickling my visual fancy. Then it happened! I stumbled upon one of the most magical and breath-taking sim’s I have explored in a long time and realized I was long overdue for another Travel 52 postcard.

I have been dying to share this sim with you all, but I had to sit on this post until a close friend took his sweetheart to the sim to propose. My need to keep it secret … the view from the proposal balls is the top photo of this post! I was not going to be responsible for ruining that stunning surprise.

I ask you though, with the wall of waterfalls and nature, wouldn’t it just stop your heart beating if such a monumental moment in time was created here? Don’t bother buying the ring, I’d be dead! Okay, maybe not, big diamond glittery things do seem to have a way of gaining my attention.

2015 02 11 PAL Park Wild about Love - Landing Point Rezzing aside the big cat I knew I was not about to enter any ole romantic garden, this was going to be something unexpected and unusual. A lover of originality, Malyssa Espinoza, the owner of Wild about Love has certainly entwined two favourites of mine; gardens and the temptation of exotic wildlife and jungle experiences into what she describes as the “Gardungle”.

Taking the best of both worlds and leaving the mosquitoes and mud behind, hidden within its leafy canopy are many cuddle spots encouraging moments of conversation which is music to lover’s ears. Do not think for a moment that a single visitor cannot find the same peace and tranquility. I can attest that by simply sitting and listening to the calming music stream you feel the love of nature wash over you. 2015 02 11 PAL Park Wild about Love - Cuddle Spots Being about love and wanting to create a space for lovers to cuddle, dance and enjoy time together, although the code of conduct is set at a PG rating there is a strict adult only restriction.

( Children and family time has been catered for in a sister location called, Play and Learn Park. With a complimentary valentine gift currently on offer, I do urge you to visit now and not wait for my blog post in the next few weeks about this fun place to spend time playing with your child avatar, Zooby baby, or even just have a picnic with the one you love beside the pond. ) 2015 02 11 PAL Park Wild about Love - Gazebo Malyssa’s close friend Rhyannon Paragorn has provided much help and creativity to ensure love is in the air with wonderful little touches. Thoughtful additions such as enabling the purchase of a long stem red rose from a discrete vendor right there in the dance gazebo. To the amazing wedding venue nestled deep within the secret sections of the gardungle, perfect for elopements, vow renewals and small weddings.

I am being semi-cryptic on the photos of this wedding area for this venue has truly captured my heart. Hence I have tucked the landmark away in my “hope” folder for the day when those dreams become my reality. 2015 02 11 PAL Park Wild about Love - Wedding Glimpse What makes this venue special is that being self automated, it is perfect for an elopement. Unlike many other self service venue’s around (which mostly border on tacky and downright ugly) this is a place of beauty and class.

Acknowledging that many people fight time zone schedules and believing that organising a wedding should not be the headache or expense it often is within Second Life, Malyssa and Rhyannon have created something unique and special. A lot of thought has been given to including those special items, such as refreshments and even wedding cake cutting. You are able to purchase a personalised marriage certificate or even simple wedding bands then and there. Perfect for that spur of the moment decision. At only 100Linden per person to gain access to the wedding area (for an hour) this has to go to the top of my good buys in SecondLife list!

For more information you can pick up a notecard here inside SecondLife.

I was surprised that my last Travel Postcard was February 2014. I know .. a year ago.  I promise to do better and will honestly attempt to be a little more regular in my travels and SecondLife postcard highlights. I like to consider this post one of those flip out multi picture postcard packs where more and more just gets revealed. For those that want to join me on the Travel 52 Challenge you can find the details HERE although I will revise them in the near future for 2015 and beyond.

As for my friends who eloped last night (she did say yes). I would like to send them my biggest congratulations and wish them a lifetime of happiness and love together.

Hugs  PB ❤

SLurl: PAL Park : Wild about Love http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sanshilyong/126/207/64

NB: You only have till the 28th February to visit this special theme “Wild about Love” before it is replaced.


6 comments on “Wild about LOVE – Travel 52 : Postcard 11

  1. Drems
    February 15, 2015

    So, girly, when do I get to see the wedding pictures. .

    • purplebutterflylykin
      February 15, 2015

      You’d think “he” might have taken the hint when we were dancing nearly on top of the proposal balls right ???? But he’s a stubborn man when it comes to avoiding putting an extra “P” in my name LOL.

  2. purplebutterflylykin
    February 15, 2015

    Reblogged this on Be Happy in sl's Blog.

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  4. Rhyannon Paragorn
    February 16, 2015

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog on our venue. We’re so glad that you and your friends enjoyed yourselves. It makes us smile that we were able to be a part of such a special time in their lives. Thanks for sharing!
    Rhyannon and Malyssa

    • purplebutterflylykin
      February 16, 2015

      You are most welcome Rhyannon although I am already a little sad to know this beautiful place will disappear on the 28th. Hopefully I will find the same level of beauty in Malyssa and your next creation 🙂

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