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2015 05 20 PB Red Room Waiting

The strongest drug that exists for a human

is another human being.

Having spent two years as a moderator of an explicit adult chat room I ventured into Second Life nearly eight years ago with eyes wide open  and a pretty good understanding and awareness of erotica and the world of BDSM. This meant that from my early days of Second Life one could never really call me an “innocent”. 

Mind you for years I did advise anyone and everyone that I was in fact an “angel” and most everyone believed me! Okay, maybe those that believed were total strangers and I have just chosen to ignore the “suuuuureeee” and hysterical laughter which followed my statements of purity.

When it came to the whole 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon that swept the world, writing about it here, back in 2013, I sat with many on the side of it being nothing more than a bit of titillating writing. I do believe that within its pages simple explanations are offered about an intense and complex style of relationship and maybe it has helped to decrease the “taboo” often surrounding conversations about sex, sexuality and the curiosity for something other than missionary position.

2015 05 20 Red Room Toys

By the third book I admit to being bored and wishing instead that the depth of the characters had been revealed instead of yet another five orgasms. After all, there is much which can be said about the pleasure induced by anticipation or the complexity of a relationship where responsibility of care is given and accepted, don’t you agree?

I haven’t bothered to watch the movie due to being disappointed by the casting choices. From the clips I have seen, neither actor shows a genuine connection and I ask you, where is the fire! By their very nature relationships like this are intense. There is a hunger which presses the animalistic buttons within our biology. You want to consume, or be consumed! When that smoldering fire is lit, you NEED to be devoured, knowing full well that your level of fulfillment is short-lived, because a desire like this can never truly abate. You will always be wanting.

2015 05 20 PB Red Room Pleasure

One advantage I see for Second Life sexuality over that found in chat rooms is how we get to visually explore, express and develop our fantasies and fetishes. If tempted, we can create safe havens which enable an ability to grow from inhibition to open mind sets. This is good for general society.

Now I know many of you are probably wondering how an understanding of spank marks, nipple clamps and a collar benefits society. I am not even beginning to suggest that the majority of Second Lifers take BDSM more seriously than a little raunchy play or draw it into their real life persona’s. What I do suggest however is that the exposure to these alternative lifestyles which SecondLife offers, does assists in changing views and those set judgments. Presenting to society a benefit of inclusion and acceptance. Two good things in my eyes! In my opinion, intolerance has no place in modern society.

2015 05 20 The P's Playroom

So if maybe you have had fleeting thoughts of ropes around your wrists, or after reading 50 Shades of Grey wanted to include some not so “vanilla” playtime in your future, Aphrodite Shop/Heart Homes is offering The Red Playroom, inspired by 50 Shades of Grey at this round of Cosmopolitan.

This is a massive set of sex and fun! Animated menu’s in the bed, sofa and horse. Cuffs are included but if you have your own already fitted lockguard set, they will also work. Also included is a lamp, mirror, toy cupboard and appropriate wall decor to complete a normal room into an extra naughty but oh so nice playroom.

It is such a pity (well maybe not for your eyes) that Mr. P wasn’t available to assist in showcasing some of the fun animations, such as the ice-cube or feather tease animations found in the bed menu. Those that wish to push limits will find the temperature ramps up nicely, making this a perfect set for those wanting to experience their own Mr Grey moment.

To see more photos showing various animations, check out the Aphrodite Shop Flickr account.

* Designed just for play, please note, this set does not come with RLV availability.

Have a great weekend all, may you find something to tickle your fancy.

Hugs, PB xx

slurl: Cosmopolitan Events: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/No%20Comment/131/61/22

Hair: Clawtooth: Dear Heart (Dusty Black)
Stockings: AC – Seduction (Seduce Me) @ Marketplace (really awesome!)
Blindfold: Ama – Blindfold (Noir)
Lingerie: Junbug – Rosamarie Corset [Brocade] – Ultrarare Gatcha
* Red Room Playset: Aphrodite Shop/Heart Homes @ Cosmopolitan Events
Consignment: FLF Naptime Bookcase
Alouette: Rustic Wall Sconce
Commoner: Monogram Marquee Light / P
Apple Fall: Parisienne Horloge
Bound BDSM Art Gallery: Palm of Master’s Hand

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