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A flame in the Dark (RYCC 3.0 : Week 4)

2015 06 04 PB Profile RYCC

Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can try but you’ll never forget her name

because she is on top of the world …

                                                                  ~ Alicia Keys  (This girl is on fire)

Sometimes, like tonight, I have no idea what words will flow from the picture I’ve captured.  Although running a couple of days late to make the end of month deadline for RYCC 3.0, I still wanted to post my final week creation because she created herself and obviously has a story to tell.

Anyone who has followed my Flickr or blog knows that PB mostly dresses in girly girl attire, because well girly girl I am.  I love the colour pink, the feel of long hair hanging over my shoulders and the flash of painted nails upon my keyboard. However there is very much a dark side to the real life PB.

People often comment on my inner strength, yet sometimes I wonder if they just don’t know that it is called survival. Lessons learnt long ago about the value of life and the true meaning of that which is important have left me embracing a tortured soul which chases demons of the past from my night dreams. Depending on what is needed, this side escapes into the world of Youtube, spending hours searching out lyrics which soothe the soul or ignite the fighter spirit within.

To say my musical choices are eclectic is somewhat of an understatement. From classical Mozart to Gothic metal, a bit of indy mixed with rock. I particularly like discovering the young up and coming artists who cover songs and attempt to turn their passion into a following and livelihood. At times although thankful for not having to grow up in the glare of mobile phones, Instagram and Facebook I do envy the opportunities that young people have today in creating their own futures if they have the courage to do so.

And maybe that is the hidden message from my photo tonight, that we should all have the courage regardless of age, race, sexuality or religion; to be who and what we want to be.

2015 06 04 PB Smile RYCC

For this week’s challenge, I wanted to concentrate more on the piercing than anything else. Not one to sport piercing on my avatar, I was rather surprised at just how many I have accumulated in my inventory. Combining my love of music and a unique real life style, I wanted to push some prejudices and showcase the hidden beauty inside.

A big thanks to Lucie Bluebird for running the Raid your Closet Challenge again this year. It has been so much fun digging into the depths and surprising myself with the discoveries made. Can’t wait till next year!

Take Care all, hugss PB xx

Hair: MINA Hair – Natasja – Acquired 22 December 2014
Top: Pixicat – Metal.Top (Shade) – Acquired 17 November 2014
Skirt: PM – Faye Maxi Skirt in Greys – Acquired 29 October 2014
Eyeshadow: Blacklace Beauty Allure Shadow Smoke – Acquired 31August 2012
Eyeliner: Birdy. {Liner} 6 – Acquired 21 Februbary 2014
Lipstick: Modish – BeforeU Lipsticks (Reds-popy) – Acquired 16 December 2013
Pose: Diesel Works – Dizzy Moves 7 – Acquired 27 Nov 2014
POMPOSITY – Submissive Belly Piercing –  Acquired 13 February 2015
Mesh Glam – RXMAS Hunt Unisex Rockin Piercing – Acquired 4 December 2014
P – Facial Piercing K1 (Black W-nose) –  Acquired 16 February 2014
Cute Poison – Fallen Piercing Stomach – Acquired 20 Sep 2013
 CIRCA – Holiday Fireside Guitar – Acquired 26 August 2014
WRD – Love Song Screen – Acquired 10 July 2014
Sculpted Microphone – Acquired 09 July 2012

One comment on “A flame in the Dark (RYCC 3.0 : Week 4)

  1. Juggy
    June 5, 2015

    Wow PB…..that is a kind of ‘heavy’ and ‘punky’ look. Good of it all was it didn’t hurt putting in/on all those piercings. 😉 Looks great but very much different!

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