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You know when you are in a good place ….

…. because you never want to leave.

I’m changing things up today with the tune at the beginning of the post instead of stuck at the end of my numerous words. Reason being, this song fits so well with this post and I’d really like to encourage you all to listen to the song, tap those sweet footsies (feet) and find a smile for your face. Because today my lovely friends, have a glass of champagne for I have a celebration to share.

Now before I start here is my disclaimer:  

the following paragraphs are pure personal waffle, so if that isn’t your thing, pop back next week 🙂 

The beginning of July was a major milestone for us P’s and one that I am so very proud to share. As an on again, off again, open relationship couple for nearly three years, we reached a heart breaking decision in mid 2013 to walk away, once and for all. We knew it could not be downgraded to that of a lingering friendship, for we had proved in the past this simply did not work. Instead it had to be a fatal blow, one that ultimately would leave us both reeling and feeling an unimaginable loss.

What are we all looking for?
Someone we just can’t ignore
It’s real love dripping from my heart,
You’ve got me tripping

For the sake of blogger honesty, I will not gloss over the fact that this was the single most painful experience I’ve ever endured from my life inside Second Life, and trust me I’ve had a few bad ones competing for that top spot. The impact was severe, taking all of my inner strength to just breathe. But with the help of my wonderfully supportive family, Drem’s, Alexa and at that time Slynn; I spent more time focused on this blog, mostly to keep my head busy as my heart learnt to forget not just his embrace but him.

Did it work? Well duh, of course not! We all know that hearts and heads rarely communicate to one another.

2015 07 19 PB at fountain

In my huff and to prove I was going to be just fine I hit that mute button, oh yes, cheer the bravado! This strain of stubbornness that flows through my veins is far deeper than just being a Taurus star sign let me tell you. Because in that single instant I stopped any and all IM’s being sent. So whilst I was left with the mental torture of wonder he was left for the next 12 months with my very offensive mute message each time he tried to make contact. Thankfully, he knows me well and the message only made him smile and admire the fiery passion within that Aussie lass on the other side of the world.

So where is the celebration I hear you ask. Just over 12 months from the day of our goodbye; after having hoped for so long that I’d bump into him out on grid somewhere, anywhere, I logged into SecondLife the 1st of July 2014  and rezzed directly behind him. Our pixels so close my breath would have tickled that stiff shirt collar.

To say I panicked would be the understatement of the year. Without hesitation I shot across the dance floor to the other side of the club, debating at light speed, do I tp out? or do I stand my ground? OMG do I lift that mute?! What would he say if he messaged me? Should I be Miss Ice Queen or should I just say, I miss you, I love you, come home? I’m sure every woman is nodding as they go through these motions with me.

Slide over here, let your hands feel the way
There’s no better method to communicate
Girl, stop your talking
Words just get in the way
I’ll be your man

Needless to say, the mute came off and within a minute there was that ding. That night a year ago (and a couple of weeks) changed our lives completely. We returned to one another’s hearts and sides stronger and more committed than ever before. We have walked a long road as a couple to be where we are today. Above all, we learnt the most valuable of lessons. Today we stand together knowing what it is like to have loved and lost and luckily we also know what joy it is to have your soul mate come home.

2015 07 13 The P's - In front of the fireplace

So baby come over
From the end of the sofa

I’ll be your man

Taking a line from a recent conversation with my darling SL husband,

“A year! Wow. Baby, we really have got our shit together this time”.

YES Darling, yes we have!

Have an awesome week everyone and thank you for spending a little time celebrating the “1 year” with us P’s.


PB xx

(Photo 1) 
Hair: Mina Hair – Selenia (Hair Fair Gift – altered)
Makeup: Blacklace Beauty – Visage (Storm Cloud)
Jewelry: Purple Moon – Tears me Not Necklace & Earring (Ruby/Onix/Diamond)
Dress: Junbug – Mistress Xanthe (Crimson)
Clutch: A&A – Diamante Ruby Romance Clutch
Shoes: Pure Poison – Secret Key Pumps (Cayene)

8 comments on “You know when you are in a good place ….

  1. themaravillas
    July 21, 2015

    Congratulations sis.. happy for you both. Hugs

    • purplebutterflylykin
      July 21, 2015

      Hugs sis, thank you so much!

  2. Travvy
    July 21, 2015

    I can only smile when reading some of your posts. I managed to pop in and dance with my Sis for a bit. Wonderful keeping in touch with great friends or sometimes it is for other reasons. Hugs u.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      July 21, 2015

      Glad after so many posts I am still able to bring you a smile Trav. Sharing our time with the people we care about is certainly key to our happiness. Hugs back at you.

  3. Drems
    July 21, 2015

    So happy for you PB. What a wonderful love story. Where is that novel you promised. Now you have a new one. Life and Love of the P’s. lol. Huggies!

    • purplebutterflylykin
      July 22, 2015

      I am totally laughing at the novel title Drems! Thank you and hugs.

  4. Cougar Sangria
    July 23, 2015

    Congratulations to the P’s 🙂 So very happy for you both♥

    • purplebutterflylykin
      July 23, 2015

      Thank you so much Cougar! Big hugs right back at you 🙂

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