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It is Time to Live the Enjoyment of the Experience.

2015 07 29 P10 Rattan Set“in between goals is a thing called life,

that has to be lived and enjoyed”

~ Sid Caesar

Why don’t you grab a cuppa and come sit a while with me. The sun is out, the birds are chirping and after months of internal discussion it is high time to reconnect with my authentic self. How about you? Has the bustle of life been leading you astray lately too?

As you get comfortable, let me share that today’s seating is bought to you by An Lema and is available now until the 15th August at the Perfect 10 monthly event. Comprising of a linked mesh rattan table and two chairs perfect for catching this summertime sunshine the table comes decorated with cups, newspaper and small vase. Each chair has six animations for both ladies or gents, all adjustable via the menu. I don’t know about you but I love being able to adjust my avatar on items that aren’t owned by myself. No more legs stuck in rugs and chairs, YAY! It is after all the small things that count sometimes.

For many months I have sat silently and watched the world of Second Life blogging morph and change into quite a different beast to the one which I found myself entering back in 2013. It seems only natural that with an over abundance of blogs surrounding every aspect of Second Life there is conversation and debate about protocols, acceptable etiquette and an often unacknowledged but acceptance of unbridled competition.

I have watched blogs which I once loved become commercialised as their owner bows to the demands and competition to secure blogging contracts. Gone are the humorous or conversation starting posts replaced instead with a quick info commercial paragraph and photograph. Increasing page views, increasing followers and embracing social media are steadily becoming the measurable goals of a successful blog among the masses. Syndication has been pushed to its limit along with the new movement towards mandatory view numbers upon flickr feeds.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm supporter of using goals as a way to accomplish achievements. I admire the dedication of those who nurture their blogs with a commitment of regular scheduled posts.  I stand in awe at the amazing talent and creativity of many Second Life images, relishing in the ongoing feast my eyes are treated to daily. But there are questions which burn within me. What happened to just plain ole enjoyment? Where did all the fun go? In the strive to be successful have people forgotten to smile? Is commercialism slowly erasing creativity?

2015 07 29 P10 Rattan Set MORNING BREAK

“Open your eyes
And know you’re free to come alive
You’ve got to live it while you can
We only get one life”

~ One Life : Boyce Avenue

I do believe that the reasons for blogging are as individualistic as the styles which are shared. However I openly question the direction we are going when a single photograph is posted to over 400 groups on flickr, as I saw today and no it wasn’t just a one-off occasion. What is the driving force behind that decision?  Is it a belief that mass saturation will propagate success? Even though research will show that over saturation has long term negative results as people tune out and ignore. Is it the only way that the number of required views for blog contracts can be reached? If so, is this rational or reasonable? Or could it just be something more personal, such as ego or esteem?

These days I feel very much like a fringe dweller of Second Life bloggers and maybe I should hug that tightly and call it my blogger niche? a SECOND for Imagination has always been a place for those idle thoughts about Second Life which rattle about in my mind. I find the greatest of pleasure and enjoyment delving into those hot topic conversations about our Second Life relationships, human nature and above all else, our behaviour. Being driven by blog stats and commercial advertising has never been a focus leaving me cold, creatively dead and quite honestly, bored. And if  I was to become bored what hope would you my readers have!

So I have reached a major decision. I will continue to do what I have always done by mixing my thoughts with the monthly product reviews I do for Aphrodite Stores, a store I have always purchased from my early days in Second Life  and Perfect 10 Home and Garden Event, an event in my eyes worthy of support. Not only because the products offered are high quality and low priced, ideal for those on tight budgets but because it promotes less popularly known stores from across the grid, giving people a chance to reach their own personal success. I have however decided to hang up my product endorsement hat and return to the essence behind the creation of this blog.

Without the binds and constraints of jumping hoops to abide by blogger conditions and terms, I am hoping to give space to free-flowing conversation and reflection. Of course I will also continue to document, just like a living personal diary the pure enjoyment that living my second life brings. After all, what is the point of breathing life into your blog if your soul is not truly invested and enjoying the experience?

Oh that conversation we can share on another day!

Have a great week everyone may you get to enjoy those sun rays if you get a chance.

Hugs, PB xxx

Tune for this week the inspirational lyrics of ~ One Life by Boyce Avenue

It’s time to stand up  and fight
It’s time to make it right
We only get one life

And when it feels like a lie
I’ll be your reason to try
We only get one life

~ One Life : Boyce Avenue

Credits :
*An Lema: Rattan Afternoon Set  @ Perfect 10 until 15th August 2015 SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michigan%20Bay/194/81/24
TMS: Gray & White cat sleeping
SHOP SEU: 1prim anim cat -Siam-
Apple Fall: retro radio
Litle house of Curios: Romance book
Trompe Loeil: Palmer Lodge
CE: Potted Pink Hibiscus
Worn by PB 
Hair: Exile – Moonlight Stroll
Top: coldlogic – Paul (blush)
Shorts: coldlogic – Ramsey (heather)
Necklace: CAE – Always
Ring: CAE – Happily Ever After

2 comments on “It is Time to Live the Enjoyment of the Experience.

  1. Cougar Sangria
    August 5, 2015

    I love this Rattan set. Beautifully done and more important everything you wrote beautifully said.

  2. Wendz Tempest
    October 21, 2015

    PB, I wholeheartedly concur with where your thoughts are and even in mid October, they are relevant. The SL blogosphere is morphing into some kind of beast to which taming is all but impossible. I’ve tried, and that stuff bites back O.O

    But being on the fringe does have its benefits however, and likely we have better cookies than mainstream anyway. ❤

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