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Tonight I want just three things ..

2015 10 26 P10 leather couch png

To see you ..

To touch you .. 

To kiss you ..

One of the biggest surprises I found when I entered Second Life was just how much the surroundings could influence my real life current mood. It may have been 1 am in the middle of winter for my real body but with the water lapping the shore line and a vivid sunset blazing across the sky, my mind immersed itself into a summer evening and the emotions evoked easily influenced my real emotional state to be more carefree and relaxed. Sometimes, if I allow myself room to fantasize I can just about feel the cool breeze on my shoulders and smell a hint of seaweed.

Realizing the power this potential immersion has I have often used the beautiful landscape of Second Life to find relaxation and balance from those chaotic days life brings us. For me, this has become one of the positives in an enduring emotional attachment to the world of Second Life.

Once we decide to create a lifestyle for ourselves in Second Life we invest more into creating places for our pixels to enjoy. Those every day items that we rezz to decorate become important facilitators to our moods. We create spaces where our minds find comfort and places that we yearn to spend time in, all because of how they make us feel. I am wondering if this could become a justifiable excuse for my bulging inventory and constant purchasing of new products? What do you think, if we ignore the shopaholic label and all that entails, could we be onto a winner here?

The amazing thing is that regardless of what the purpose of our creation may have been, which is often just to be visually pleasing, (especially for bloggers creating product pictures) somehow these scenes morph and develop emotional pull points. We immerse ourselves into these scenes latching onto objects and creating memory attachments. The fascinating thing is that these attachments seem to happen regardless of whether those memories have yet to be lived out. Could this be a key to understanding how Second Life can so successfully influence our emotions? That it is not simply that we can imagine the creation of a memory we would like to hold BUT that we can set out to physically create them.

For example, the scene pictured above. The original intention was to create a scene to showcase the new release by Dreamland Designs for the Perfect 10 home and garden event which starts on the 1st of November and runs till the 15th. However as soon as I rezzed the Story Brooke living room set and fireplace which is what they are offering, the elegance of the brown leather couches and gentle flickering of the fire bought a longing to my heart for Mr P. to be there.

Moments before I had not felt lonely or longing as I prefer to call it, yet as I gradually filled the scene with little items and played with windlights, I wanted nothing more than for us to curl up in each others arms, sip a glass of wine and share a moment of love and affection. (For those wanting to know, the couches do come with a full menu including an adult selection). My emotional real life being went from being mildly excited about the world rugby match due to start in two hours (yes Australia won and we will take on New Zealand for the cup!) to craving and enjoying the depth of togetherness I share with my Second Life partner.  He wasn’t there to create the memory but my imagination has already laid the foundations for that memory to happen.  I think this is why I enjoy Second Life so much. With just our minds embracing a touch of fantasy, mixing it with a dose of imagination and sprinkling the creativity that Second Life provides we can very effectively influence our moods and find ways to make ourselves feel good. That’s a positive in my books, what about yours?

I’d love to read below whether you too have experienced a change in real emotions just by enjoying something in Second Life. I purposefully didn’t mention Second Life sex here because there is a completely different set of emotional triggers which are engaged and that is something we can talk about another time, if we dare.

Don’t forget to check out Perfect 10 when it opens on 1st November. There is some really fantastic items on offer this round and I totally recommend the Story Brooke Living Room and Fireplace, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Just imagine falling snow, hot cocoa, soft leather and some loving arms. I know I am!

Have a great week,

Hugs, PB xx

And keeping with the theme of feeling, may your feet tap to the rhythm of:

Pitbull and Christina Aguilera – Feel this moment.

Credits : 
*Dreamland Designs – Story Brooke Lovers Living Room  which includes 3 couches, table and tabletop decor @ Perfect10 Home and Garden Event (1st -15th November)
*Dreamland Designs – Story Brooke Fireplace w accessories @ Perfect10 Home and Garden Event (1st -15th November)
Apple Fall – Travel Drawers
Dust bunny . melted candle
Dust bunny . blanket stool
LeeZu! – Hang Over Curtains
Scarlet Creative – Hudson Townhouse
Tres blah – Workspace – Print and Books
Vespertine – opened memories trinket box
Vespertine – record player/walnut
PB Styling: 
Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh
Hair: Moon – Unnoted
Dress: Entice – Hot in the City Dress – Sequin – Maitreya
Shoes: Reign- Oakley Heels
Ring: CAE – Happily Ever After

2 comments on “Tonight I want just three things ..

  1. Travvy
    October 27, 2015

    SL was the first time in my life that I wanted to touch and be touched so bad it actually hurt. You become so immersed that reality and rl become second.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 28, 2015

      I suspect anyone who has formed a close bond with someone online knows exactly the hurt you are referring to Trav. The internet may have made global socialization easier but the physical distance between certainly hasn’t decreased any.

      I do agree Trav there is certainly that ability to get so absorbed in our “second lives” that we loose perspective on the importance of our real lives. I would probably warn everyone, new and old to Second Life, to keep a healthy balance and if you see the scales start to slip too far one way then that is time to take a little SL time out.

      Of course, this is much easier said than done!

      Huggies and thank you for adding to my little conversation 🙂

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