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Not all birthday’s need cake.

2015 11 22 Surprise Party

Celebrating someone’s real life birthday inside Second Life can be a balancing act sometimes. Often finding the time to spend together on the actual day becomes impossible given real life obligations and festivities.

Last year just to let Mr. P know I was thinking of him on his special day, I left a mountain of birthday cakes and balloons scattered over our bed for him to find when he logged in. (see blog post here).

This year I wanted to be more low key and essentially more intimate. Standing at the front door with balloon in hand I set about capturing the “inspirational” picture above. Figuring it was enough to peak Mr. P’s curiosity and tempt without revealing too much of the plan inside my head. After much thought, I had decided on the sexy and naughty idea of sending him an invitation to a night of moonlight dancing complete with erotic love making.

2015 11 21 Birthday Surprise

Deeply engrossed in the photo taking you can imagine MY surprise when suddenly the man of the moment logged in for a surprise visit and proceeded to open the door!

Talk about shoe on the other foot. With no invitation sent, I threw caution to the wind, after all, what man doesn’t like to receive a home delivered birthday present complete with fancy wrapping and a hidden bow.

Reserving the plans for dancing till another night, with a twinkle in my eye I handed him the balloon and breathlessly whispered ..

Happy Birthday Darling.

Taking my hand, Mr. P smiled and pulled me into his arms for the first kiss of those  oh so sweet birthday lips.

Who said you need cake to celebrate a birthday?

Have a great week everyone,

Hugs PB xx






4 comments on “Not all birthday’s need cake.

  1. Drems
    November 23, 2015

    Aww so cute. I’m sure made it up to him :))

    • purplebutterflylykin
      November 23, 2015

      hahahaha he wasn’t missing any “sugar” trust me 😉

  2. Travvy
    November 23, 2015

    That is so much better than a cake any day. Or is it that you are the cake. ;-))

    • purplebutterflylykin
      November 24, 2015

      There is granulated sugar, brown sugar, caster sugar, icing sugar and the list goes on .. but the best sugar of all for Achille’s tastebuds starts with a P and ends in a B. Cake would be a poor second cousin hahaha.

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