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Travel 52 Challenge – Christmas Special – Postcard 15 : Calas Caladhan Park Christmas

Having been feeling swamped by the never ending Christmas To-Do list these final few days doing another Travel 52 Postcard was not on my list. Let alone doing three in 24 hours!

However after popping about grid seeing some of the great Christmas sim’s on offer there are some “don’t miss spectaculars” which I just have to share. So time to kick off those shoes, get comfortable and inspire those feet to do more than just hit the malls this silly season.

2015 12 16 The P's explore Calas

My number 2 must visit : Calas Caladhan Christmas

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Stars/11/184/58

The sims of Calas Caladhan Park have been in Second Life for nearly as long as I have and most residents I suspect would have at some time strolled along the pathways and enjoyed the natural settings that Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith create.

It is such a huge investment of not only funds but time that go into creating the spectacular that is Calas Caladhan Park and this Christmas the team have not disappointed. If you are looking for a really romantic Christmas treat, or just need to chill out and find some time alone to center yourself, I have to suggest the balloon ride.

2015 12 16 The P's explore Calas Balloon Ride

Taking about 30 minutes the balloon ride takes you over a visual feast of snow capped mountains and winter time animals. The basket has animations galore for both singles and couples AND travels slow enough to actually enjoy the view and snap a photograph or ten!

Now without wanting to ruin the ending, you MUST and I mean MUST stay in the basket till the end of the ride. Your avatar isn’t going to come to any great harm if you jump out midway but you will miss out on seeing the Aurora Borealis light show as you fly upwards towards the North Pole. Maybe you might even catch a glimpse of the big man himself giving those reindeer a practice run.

2015 12 16 A and P Elf Bar

Just as imagined, the North Pole has many little huts that you can explore although I had to laugh that Mr. P. found the Elf Bar first go because it was not the first hut available! I’m now a firm believer that there is a sixth sense when it comes to Scotsmen and their whisky!

With Calas closed for the entire month of January and another sim downsize scheduled, I certainly suggest now is the perfect time to go and enjoy all that Calas Caladhan Park offers.

BTW if Santa mentions a missing sleigh …. we know nothin’!

Hugs, Pb xx

2015 12 16 A and P in the sleigh.png

“I don’t think this is going to fit in our barn baby”


2 comments on “Travel 52 Challenge – Christmas Special – Postcard 15 : Calas Caladhan Park Christmas

  1. Juggy
    December 23, 2015

    Oh PB, it truly was an awesome ride. Heck, I was so busy looking to the beauty outside that I ended up hanging and clamping myself onto that basket! But I managed to climb back in and continue the ride…..more carefully though 🙂

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