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… and so 2016 begins (Part 1)

2016 01 05 PB - Ristornante Ivanna 2

Last post I branched out a little from all things Second Life and highlighted some of the little tricks that can help us gain success for those big and small changes we want to incorporate into our lives. I wrote about how having a plan can help us achieve the things we have decided are important.

With this new direction I knew it would be important to share facets of my personal world to create depth and avoid becoming a blog that just types a number of word of wisdom onto a page with an attempted link into Second Life. Hopefully you will appreciate getting to know the me behind the avatar a little more with each visit.

Years ago after simply making revamps of the previous years resolutions for new years and dutifully breaking them within weeks, I accepted that the whole resolution thing wasn’t for me. Adopting a “don’t make any resolutions, don’t care” phase, not surprisingly very few things changed in my life, except getting older!

Then two years ago after seeing close friends achieve some remarkable changes and asking how they had done it, I decided to adopt what I call the plan and go-get philosophy.  As a relatively new convert to this way of thinking I’m not going to even attempt to guide you through the process of planning and goal setting because I do believe every individual will have their own unique style. A search on the internet will provide you with countless information if you are interested.

2016 01 05 PB - Ristornante Ivanna 1

What I am excited to share over the next two posts (because I didn’t want to write one extremely long boring one) are my 2015 wrap up and then the goals I have set for 2016. Some I am sure will seem silly to have written down but there is satisfaction in being able to tick off even the simplest item when finally achieved.

So lets get started!

The 2015 Wrap up

My Personal Life 

  • Be kind to my body by enjoying healthy eating

– eliminated sugar from coffee and tea

– included fruit with daily breakfast

– limited high processed foods

– increased daily water consumption

  • Refresh my soul with much needed “me” time

– enjoyed child-free hairdresser appointments ALL year

– converted spare room into my personal craft room for creativity. No more crafting on the dining room table!!

– dedicated more of my available free time being creative instead of just collecting pins on Pinterest

– left the mother part of me at home and enjoyed two full weekends away in Sydney crafting with the girls.

  • Touch my heart by communicating better with friends & family

 – actually remembered all birthdays with gifts wrapped and not thrown into a gift bag at the last moment.

– sent text messages, called or emailed for all birthdays and important event including hospital visits.

– organised time to just enjoy the company of those dearest to me

My Professional Life

  • Feed my mind with knowledge

– completed all required units of study

– achieved distinction grade in each unit

– mastered the use of research tools and journal access

– improved time management skills

– completed additional side classes

– improved study and exam skills

  • Spend time opening my mind and beliefs

– challenged pre-existing views

– engaged in philosophical debates and literature

– became a stronger advocate for the rights of the first people of Australia and the disadvantaged

  • Respect and nurture my individuality

– created uniqueness within a professional wardrobe

– increased engagement with politics and current affairs

My Second Life 

 – found happiness, satisfaction and contentment by just enjoying the moment

– finally moved on from past hurts and disappointments (yay!!)

– refocused time on personal contact and friendships

– set and adhered to a more realistic time spent enjoying SecondLife

– returned to the original focus of this blog and ceased most blogger contracts endorsing products

– gave up on the pressure of blogging and following blog rules to instead relax and enjoy the experience

– improved photography skills and even began sharing on flickr

Get your running shoes on and I’ll see you for Part 2 tomorrow.

Hugs, PB x

Next post coming up on a SECOND for Imagination 

That all important list of 2016 goals 

Hair: ploom -Siri – Indecisive
Dress: Entice – Forever Autumn Dress – Flower
Shoes: fri.- Cora.Heels (Antique) – Maitreya
Necklace: League – Short DayDream Necklace -Moving Sky
Bag: Miseria – Elly Tote (Navy)
Pose: Chair animation

Location: Ristorante Ivanna -http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Froien/147/152/23



One comment on “… and so 2016 begins (Part 1)

  1. Cougar Sangria
    January 9, 2016

    love it! ♥

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