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When Tomorrow takes its Time

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Part 2 of … and so 2016 begins

* Warning still a bit of off topic conversation 

Where have the past two weeks gone? It feels like only yesterday I was sitting down to plan out my 2016 and here we are with nearly one month completed!

I may have failed my scheduling already. Eeeek. Lets hope that improves over the next eleven months.

Like many Australian’s, January for me usually goes in a blink of an eye with very little ever accomplished. With kids still on vacation and heatwave temperatures the days blur into one another as we jostle for prime position in front of the air-conditioning and empty the kitchen looking for any hidden nice treats that may have been left over from Christmas. You could easily have thought that gold had been discovered when the last chocolate Santa was discovered a few days ago. There is no need for cash bribes for the stakes are high in our household, we negotiate in chores.

Spending this past weekend away, I had the honour of celebrating two very special birthdays. Both mine and my husband’s Nana, the respective head of each family tree turned 92 and 90. Although they are frail and require nursing care they are both still determined ladies who haven’t lost the ability to laugh and enjoy life. Watch the pure bliss someone in their 90’s gets from a single piece of cake and you see that the simple things in life really are those which bring us the greatest happiness.

I feel truly blessed to be in my 40’s and still have these wonderful women as part of my life. Through their love, genuine interest and positive encouragement they continue to inspire us all to be the very best we can possibly be. I can only hope that my goals for 2016 will help me take one more step towards achieving that.

As promised last post, here is my personal, professional and Second Life Goals for 2016. I would love to hear in the comments below of any goals you may have set yourself  and how you plan on achieving them so that come January 2017 we can celebrate the success together!

Have an amazing week,

Hugs, Pb x

how to achieve your goal

Goals for 2016

My Second Life

– Simply enjoy every minute being logged in whilst also enjoying without guilt every minute spent away

–  With a new mesh body its time to focus on clearing out that inventory. If it doesn’t fit the Maitreya mesh body and I don’t absolutely adore it, consider it a donation to the trash gods.

– When indulging in others creations and talents from around the grid, breathe new life into the Travel 52 Challenge and share these adventures on the blog.

– Strive to improve photography skills but also relax and accept not every photo needs to be a masterpiece. Instead focus on capturing the moment or telling the story visually.

– Be it in world or here on the blog, connect and engage with others through groups, random conversations and regular blog posts.


My Personal Life 

  • Be kind to my body by enjoying healthy eating and increasing activity

– enjoy a piece of fruit every afternoon on the way home from school

–  appreciate the goodness of home cooked meals by limiting take out/ dining out

– keep happy and carry the water bottle everywhere to keep hydrated.

– utilise school pick up obligation and get a kick from the cardiovascular love by achieving  those “steps” walked challenges in the wait time. Loving my Fitbit band from Santa.


  • Refresh my soul

– find contentment and grounding in regular morning mediation

– encourage sound sleep by daily exercise routine and nightly relaxation schedules

– seize the planner paradise of less chaos and stress by scheduling and organising

– once a week revel in being creative by escaping into the craft room and getting messy

– feed creativity by select two pins from Pinterest each month and complete the project, make the recipe or case the idea.


  • Touch my heart by connecting with those around me

– spend time showing appreciation for those around me, be it phone calls, emails, cards or little things here and there to show them they are in my thoughts.

– actively organise/schedule activities for enjoying time with those dearest to me

– let the heart feel good by participate in at least one random act of kindness each month


My Professional Life

  • Feed my mind with knowledge

– hit the books with commitment, dedication and interest

– be a smart time manager to achieve balance between work, rest and play

– develop the professional digital footprint

– seek opportunities and explore challenges


  • Spend time opening my mind and beliefs

– continue to challenge pre-conceived views and ideals

– engage with philosophical debates, literature and media across the spectrum


  • Respect and nurture my individuality

– continue to question the boundaries within society and social context

– actively engage with politics and current affairs via political discourse and advocacy


* No credits listed as August 2015 photo used. 


Next post coming up on a SECOND for Imagination 

Celebrating Australia Day :

What does it mean to be Australian in Second Life?






5 comments on “When Tomorrow takes its Time

  1. leesee79
    January 22, 2016

    I need to steal your inventory goal! Mine is such a mess lol

    I hear you on the prime position for aircon! I haven’t been online much in the past week because my aircon is in the bedroom so it’s either stay in the bedroom or go to my mums and steal hers haha I can’t stand being in the bedroom all day so off to mums it is! Luckily Adelaide has had a cool change come through that should stay for the next week yay for the relief!

    • purplebutterflylykin
      January 22, 2016

      Every year I have the same inventory goal of being organised Leesee but this year I added the fact that anything not mesh gets deleted and anything that doesn’t fit the Lara body goes as well (unless really really really loved). Given that I rarely am without my body since buying it having that encouragement certainly has helped keep me focused! I’ve deleted nearly 5k off inventory in a week’s work, so this may be the year I find success.

      Laughs I’d gladly stay in my bedroom all day with air-con if it meant I didn’t have to share it!! Omg it would be heaven and so quiet with zero children in there with me. Instead I’ll just be thankful that the heat has broken and I’ve had the joy of listening to the pitter patter of rain all day. Hugs.

      • leesee79
        January 22, 2016

        I think I’m going to have to do the same with my inventory, plus go through all of the blogger folders and get rid of anything that I’m never going to wear again. I’m over 100k items now, which I never thought I’d get to! I’m rarely without the body these days as well, if something doesn’t fit quite right I usually do a bit of touchup in photoshop for blog posts.

        It’s cooled down here too, had a huge storm come through, although it’s rather humid! I’m not used to humid being in Adelaide haha it’s always so dry here! Hugs.

  2. themaravillas
    January 24, 2016

    You got a lot of goals going on there sis.. and hope they’ll all come to fruition. I’m just thankful for each day and I try to make the most of it.. talk soon!

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