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To Mesh or Not To Mesh – What a dilema!

2016 06 07 Up close 2 .png

Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin.

That, OR wearing a kick-ass red lipstick

~ Gwyneth Paltrow

I’ve always held the view that mesh heads look a tad on the freaky side. That they often weren’t an improvement on the base avatar most people had carefully crafted. To be honest, a part of me still thinks this way. Some mesh heads do look strange, maybe because they represent to me a higher degree of falseness given they are so perfectly aligned?

I do however see the benefit of mesh heads, especially  for photography. Gone are the post production processing issues found with the base avatars, such as broken flat nose lines or those funky effects when trying to correct eyelashes and closed eyelid attachments. For some reason no matter how much effort I made to adjust eyelashes and eyelids they would NEVER fit my eye sockets. In the end it was this continual frustration which has pushed me over the line and into the world of mesh heads.

Once I’d made the decision to seriously look at buying a mesh head I was overwhelmed by the choice. I had no idea just how many mesh heads were on the market. Neither had I realized just what a difference a skin will have on any particular mesh head. Given the price involved, by the time you purchase the head, facial skin, body match skin for your mesh body and mesh eyes you are looking at spending around $6,000 linden, my advice is not to rush the decision. Try many many many demo skins with all the heads and wander around like Demo Queen inworld for days on end getting use to the eventual look.

I’ve always attempted to keep my avatar looking similar to its original incarnation which was as an interesting twist of Eastern and Mediterranean facial constructs. Of course as the graphics have improved the look has become more refined with the last two skin’s having a much lighter colour tone than my original intentions. Deciding this was the chance to return to those design roots it was important that the essence of PB remained, hence it was important to find a skin that would reflect those similarities but return to a darker more mysterious exotic look. As no head matched my exact requirements, after tossing around my options, I finally decided upon the new Catwa Helena mesh head. With those drop dead gorgeous eyebrows, Franka from DeeTalez was exactly what I was searching for. A set of new mesh eyes, still blue but more smokey grey blue completed the look.

The two head options

There are differences to the nose and mouth but I think the end results is an avatar who looks pretty similar to the avatar she was two days ago. I still have lots to learn on the hud and certainly need to go shopping for some nice eye shadow effects but I love love love the eyelashes and feel the change has been a positive one.

Whilst I wait to hear what Mr. P. thinks about the new look, let me know what you think about the change or just mesh heads in general in the comments box below! All hints and tips and shopping suggestions are welcome.

Hugs, PB xx



8 comments on “To Mesh or Not To Mesh – What a dilema!

  1. Juggy
    June 8, 2016

    To be honest……I like the picture with no mesh head better. As much as I love my mesh hands and feet, and sometimes my mesh bodies too, a mesh head is something I probably never try. I am, for some reason, afraid I will lose my facial expressions/looks by wearing a mesh head. Never tried the demos I must say, so maybe I see it wrong 🙂

    • purplebutterfly lykin
      June 10, 2016

      I had exactly the same views as you Juggy and it has taken me a long long time, trying on demo’s every couple of months to get to a place where I found one I was comfortable with. I think, especially for us older second lifers its much harder for us to let go of the facial structures we are so use to looking at day in and day out.

      Mind you, I’d still suggest one rainy weekend when you have nothing better to do, grab a handful of demo skins and heads and just experience how different they are. Good or bad it does make for some laughs.

      • Juggy
        June 12, 2016

        Yea, yea…..I have tried demo’s of mesh heads the past few days, and after trying a few, I bought one. Also from Catwa, the Jessica head. Even got me a few skins that support mesh heads, but fiddling around with it all I honestly must say I am still loving my system head more.
        Maybe I cannot get the head right yet, but now I have one I will keep on trying. A major problem is to match the head correctly with the skin. I still get a separation line halfway on the neck, applier or not. But…..not giving up, dull moments are perfect to play with it.
        Who knows, I might going to like it once I get it done.

      • purplebutterfly lykin
        June 12, 2016

        Oh yes keep persisting, I found the easiest way was to go buy the exact applicator for the skin head for the body. Think mine cost another 275L but got rid of any stress and worry. The Catwa Jessica is super cute. I did seriously consider it but given I’m long and leggy the head didn’t fit the rest of my body hahaha. Even if you don’t wear it all the time I can’t wait to see a picture of you.

  2. Cougar Sangria
    June 9, 2016

    You look amazing PB! The subtleties are just that subtle. I myself do not have a mesh head yet. Haven’t found one I am even remotely attracted to though I have tried and continue to try them. It’s the lip shape and the eyes I have an issue with on the mesh heads. I love the skin designer I use and it is important for me to keep the look I have cultivated for the past 6 years as well. Maybe one day a mesh head will find it’s way into my inventory. Who knows. For now the small bit of photo processing I have to do (generally just the neckline and sometimes not even that) does not warrant me purchasing one, that and the question I get almost on a daily basis…What mesh head are you using? You look wonderful and Mr. P will fall in love all over again 🙂 ♥

    • purplebutterfly lykin
      June 10, 2016

      Thanks so much Cougar for your kind words.

      Mr. P. has indeed given his thumbs up on the change and was rather impressed that I could now close my eyes (apparently in ecstasy, men! haha). The lips have been the hardest thing for me with the whole mesh head revolution. Where or where did the pouty kissed a trout look come from and why oh why was it embraced !! I’m not entirely happy with the mouth on this head (its a little pouty) but it was one I could live with.

      Because of low graphic ability on my laptop I need all the help I can get with post production. I’m amazed at times when I can get a nice clean shot. Next on the list is purchasing the Lumipro.

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