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America! It HAS to stop!


I’m writing this blog post, knowing that I am likely to offend probably 60% of my blog readership, but in this case I actually will take the hit if you all decide to leave. It is not that I don’t care, the opposite is in fact true, I care very deeply about people. Hence this rather controversial outburst I’m about to deliver.

Sometimes you need to be outspoken and stand up for what you believe is the right and just thing and for me tonight my tolerance has reached breaking point. I can no longer bite my tongue and stay silent on the stupid, inane, wasteful taking of life that America’s lack of gun control laws currently allows.

Right now I’m angry. So very very angry. My heart is breaking for a young woman, Christina Grimmie (zeldaxlove64 on youtube) who I’ve followed on Youtube for many many years. She was shot dead outside her concert earlier (11th June) in front of her brother and whilst among fans. It is front page news around the world; not only because she was only 22 years old and hitting the big time with her music career after her successful season on The Voice, but because it is one more senseless act of violence in a country that seems unwilling to do anything about the crisis which grips it.

HOW many lives need to be lost before common sense seeps into the brain cells of those who believe it is a fundamental act of freedom, a “right” (total bullshit) to carry a gun into a supermarket, concert or park?

HOW can you even begin to justify the need to carry a deadly weapon when the statistics are there in black of how many people have needlessly died from the bullets of this deadly weapon.

5,839 people DEAD for 2016 alone, nearly half of these being people under the age of 17. We have only JUST begun June. That is 5,839 people killed in five months!

(13,429 deaths for 2015 and 12,593 for 2014, see the upward trend happening here.)

Do you not understand that you are killing your kids? These young people are your future, you should be fighting for them instead of letting the corruption of a gun lobby not allow your law makers to put in place sensible laws to protect your own citizens.

Is it that you do not realize that no other western civilization faces this problem. I don’t believe that. Its been well stated in the gun debate which countries have successful gun control laws, and yes Australia is one of those and I’m bloody proud that after ONE, yes only  ONE mass murder of 35 people twenty years ago in 1996, the outrage from my fellow citizens and the strong will of our parliament saw strict gun control legislation implemented.

Is it that you simply do not care? That you have become immune to the gun crisis in your country that another gun death is like talking about another flood or tornado? Or it is just that you’ve given up? I’d respond with HOW can you give up on something so fundamental as life? Maybe its just that you don’t actually think about it? Well guess what, its time to think about it !!

I suggest that the real problem is that as a society, you do not realize just how wonderful life is when you have real freedom. Yes I’m calling it out. For a land with so much promise and which will defend freedom until the death, you do not know what it truly feels like to live in a place where there is no threat of gun death, I mean ZERO. There is no fear that some crazy could turn up at a concert, movie theater or heaven forbid a school. That no one is going to pull out a gun when you give them the two bird salute as they cut you off at the traffic lights or worse your toddler in the back seat isn’t going to shoot you in the back of the head because they have opened your handbag on the backseat. That is just insane shit!

Well you know what, to know THAT freedom, the feeling of being completely safe as are those around you, it cannot be bought. It doesn’t come from fighting on foreign soil. Terrorist aren’t behind ever corner but someone with a gun can be in the USA. Change comes because you demand it. It is time to drop the paranoia believing in the old line of, well if everyone else is carrying a weapon I need to be protected too. What good has that belief system bought except prop up a rather wealthy weapons industry? Follow the money trail.

After the Sandy Hook tragedy, where so many little people had their innocent lives cut short I truly believed it would be a light bulb “ah ha” moment for American people. That looking into the faces of those tiny souls the true magnitude of the cost to society would be felt and action would be taken. Instead, tears were shed, vigils held and hands were thrown up in the air as the constitutional right to bear arms was thrown back into the murky world of gun laws reform.

The constitution has been amended time and time again and I dare anyone to try and justify to me that the American fore-fathers would be comfortable having that clause untouched if they knew that the right to bear arms today is not with a musket but a military grade high powered assault weapon!

Anyone who has followed Christina since she was 14 would knew she was a star in waiting with a heart of pure gold. Her voice is that of an angel and sadly, way to early that is what she has become. I can only imagine the unbelievable pain and loss her family and friends are feeling right now and my heart breaks knowing that her death is senseless and just another on the tally board of American lives cut short too soon.

I’m sure when she wrote her last song, Deception, and sang the lines “you didn’t ever care for me” she was not thinking about the land she was so proud of. But tonight the words are more than fitting for a nation that needs to act and stop this madness. It’s time to reflect and honestly look at what is important in your society. It is actually way pass time that a life was realized to be worth more than some ancient law and its time to realize that the rest of the world after watching and passing judgement is tired of waiting for sensible reforms.

To those that have stayed till the end, thank you for hearing me out. To those I’ve offended and upset, I am not going to apologies but I  will say, life is full of opinions and the disagreements we share upon these. I said a few months back this blog would start to become more “real” as I discuss the real and current issues relevant to my heart at any given time. Tonight that heart is simply seeking to understand why.

RIP Christina, may your sweet soul be held safely within the wings of only the best angels.


Statistical source for those wanting more information can be found at  http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/


3 comments on “America! It HAS to stop!

  1. Juggy
    June 12, 2016

    Well said PB. Anyone who would skip reading to the end does not understand the concern you are expressing about the weapon situation in the US.

    It also is my belief that when it is easy to get your hands on weapons, especially guns, that you make it so damm easy for people who disagree about something or just got ‘a wrong connection in their brain’, to take a gun and shoot someone or just shoot around killing innocent people.

    Shooting innocent people never solve an issue, it brings you another issue to deal with and to avoid that other issue, the shooter, if he feels trapped, is going to commit suicide. An easy way to get out of problems, but never an excuse, hence the sadness a shooter brought to others and also his own relatives.

    RIP Christina and RIP to all those who were shot for ‘no reason’.

  2. Drems
    June 12, 2016

    PB, You go girl, I’m with you. Woke up to two more teenagers killed last night and shootings in another state. When is it going to STOP!

  3. purplebutterfly lykin
    June 14, 2016

    Hugs Juggy and Drem.

    So many lives lost in America over the past 48 hours. Just breaks your heart when countries like mine know it doesn’t need to be like this. Sensible gun laws remove the ability for mentally ill people to walk out of a store and go on a shooting rampage. Sadly whilst people are prepared to look at the secondary reasons that a shooting may have occuried, ie, race, religion, prejudice and discrimination I think we will be waiting a long time for any change to happen. 😦

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