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Which way now?

2016 06 21 PB the path.png

It is hard to believe that we are at the 6 month point of the year already. It doesn’t feel all that long ago that I packed up the Christmas decorations and excitedly wondered what lay ahead for 2016.

With life at best wonderfully unpredictable I thought it would be good to touch base with the goals I set in January  (post is here) and see just how I’m travelling, am I really as lost as I feel sometimes?

Update on 2016 Goals

My Second Life

Gone are the days of feeling guilty when I drift away from the lure of Second Life and as a consequence the time I spend actually logged in and participating in Second Life has certainly decreased. Unless I am enjoying time spent with Mr. P., my avatar mostly stands in the front garden for hours on end. Immersed in music I’ve focused on clearing and organising my inventory. Battling SL lag makes this a slow and painful experience. So although there hasn’t been any great decrease in inventory number (I really need to stop shopping!) it is becoming more organised which means at least I can find those pretty things I buy.

Although harder than I imagined, I am proud that I deleted all my N-core, Similar and Bax shoes and boots that no longer fit my Maitreya Lara body. This was a HUGE decision and required me moving past the feelings of waste  due to the number I deleted, but the upside is that I am left feeling confident that inventory cleanup can be achieved this year.

Of course there are still outstanding goals to strive towards in the next 6 months. Regular blog posts for one and breathing new life into the Travel 52 Challenge (look forward to July 1st for that). Hopefully this will encourage more interaction and contact with fellow bloggers and sl’ers.

My Personal Life 

As illness took the control of the drivers seat the past few months this is where the ball got well and truly dropped. Hopefully the next 6 months lets me get back to just concentrating on being kind to my body instead of trying to get it to limp through to the next week. Who knows I might actually get to enjoy that morning meditation, exercise routine and a solid good sleep in the night time (insomnia ain’t fun, trust me).

Hopefully I can participate in some random acts of kindness because  I’m sitting on a score of one at the moment. I have managed to enjoy cooking recipes from my ever growing Pinterest boards and for the most part managed to escape into my craft room to create “things”. Below are some recently made cards that I am particularly proud of mostly because of the techniques involved. It still always amazes me that with a little bit of time what some white paper and glue eventually becomes! Art, is really good for the soul. (Message me inworld if you would like a link to my brand new craft blog!)

Mother Day Card 2016.png

Leigh 40th Birthday card.png

My Professional Life

This has been hit and miss so far. Knowledge has certainly been obtained but it was a long drawn out not pleasurable ordeal. The dedication and commitment was there however I failed on achieving a balance between work, rest and play; rest being the one that suffered. I could stretch the truth about challenging my pre-conceived views about math but instead I really just groaned and growled to anyone who would listen about how much I hate math and what freaks people who think in numbers must be. Guess I can redeem myself next year and embrace that love for numbers in Advanced Statistics.

From July I’m excited to be undertaking further study in the health and mental well-being for Indigenous Australians. Although confronting as an advocate for this disadvantaged group I look forward to broadening my knowledge and experience.

As for embracing my unique individuality. Having engaged myself in a deeper level of Australian political discourse, I’ve very recently entered the world of lobbying. This is a surprising turn of events but after becoming increasing annoyed at the level of media bias and skew, where the use of weighted words to influence outcomes has become the norm I began a crusade of sorts for improved media ethics. Starting from a simple complaint letter I’ve now entered political lobbying to ensure media reform is a hot topic issue here in Australia. With over 80% of Australian media controlled by one entity this is a must for my country and her democracy.

In a nut-shell, I feel that societies world wide are being let down by the level of journalism in most countries.  You could call me insane (and maybe I am) to take on the big boys but I strongly believe that journalists should stick to being factual and leave personal political leanings to either opinion pieces or their colleagues ear. As the fourth pillar of democracy if we let media ethics vanish we give up on fair and just societies with governments no longer held to account,  and I refuse to give up on that just yet.

Back in January I said that positive goals guide us to successfully achieve things. Having that clearly defined direction, that map, means we don’t get lost on the journey and because we are open to new experiences we don’t hit crisis points when those unexpected surprises which life delivers all too often de-rails us for a moment or two.

All we need to remember is, we have the map, we know where to pick up when we are ready and as long as we genuinely connect with those around us as we keep wandering along enjoying this crazy adventure our lives will be all the richer for it.

I stumbled across a video some time ago from musician Rachel Platten and the social experiement she conducted to her song – Better Place. Whenever I need to renew my belief in the love of people, although it always brings me to tears, this is where I turn. I do not cry out of sadness but out of the pure love I have for those most special to my heart. It only goes for a little over three minutes but please don’t only click and listen but take the three minutes to watch and feel.

So guess this is a wrap up, what is next for you? Share your plans, dreams and goals for the next 6 months of 2016. Let’s make it amazing together.

Have a great weekend everyone,

PB xx









4 comments on “Which way now?

  1. Travvy
    June 26, 2016

    Always the wisest and the sweet lady you are PB. All the rest does not matter if you do not have your health. Look inward and take care of yourself first. All else fails when you goof up that endeavor. Big Hugs to ya lady.

    • purplebutterfly lykin
      June 27, 2016

      Thanks Trav for your kind words.

      Health has a way of pushing itself to the top of the list, which probably is a good thing LOL. I’m on the way and feeling very enthusiastic! Hugs.

  2. Cougar Sangria
    June 27, 2016

    What Travvy said 🙂 Love the song so much added it to my playlist♥

    • purplebutterfly lykin
      June 27, 2016

      Awee thanks Cougar, so happy that you liked the song to. It has a special message I think. Big hugs.

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