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Working it like a Kardashian


Makes me a very dangerous woman…

(especially when on tight deadlines)

 I’ve missed you all!  I’m still alive it’s just the last two months have been busy; ridiculously busy.  However there is light at the end of the tunnel as I am entering the home stretch now of two very deep and emotionally challenging subjects in my degree.  Another five weeks and I will be able to enjoy three months holiday break and I am certainly looking forward to being able to just chill out in Second Life and play with some photography tips I’ve gathered and just general randomness here on the blog.

Because I still want to remain connected to my Second Life, or maybe its just a comfortable habit I’m not wanting to change, I’ve been logging in and parking my avatar on the couch whilst I flick over to the other screen and bury myself in the dark world of criminal psychology.  A fascinating subject but one that has left my mind whirling 24/7  as I try to critically evaluate thought processes totally foreign to my own.  If only I was better at meditation!  Instead I’ve been using the occasional dings in my IM box to help keep life happy and bright.

With Mr. P and I both so busy in real life, Second Life has started to feel a little like a neglected house plant all droopy and curling up on itself. I’m not good with living breathing plants, they apparently need more water than my mind ever remembers to give them!  The feed-able animals have been replaced with animated decor ones (loving the Jian animals) and I seem to wear the same outfit for weeks on end, eek!!!  Guess I’m just living like 93% of men inside Second Life haha.

Because I haven’t really have the time to shop, I’ve ceased attempting to keep up with all the events, although the blog posts and flickr pictures I do happen to see have me drooling at many of the pretties available right now.  You other bloggers are gigantic temptations for a woman buried in research papers and notes!

Speaking of temptations. I did make it to a yardsale the other night and picked up this ultra sexy dress by Birdy from the latest round of The Arcade. I knew that this would be THE perfect outfit to tantalize Mr. P with (and it was!).

But given he only had 40 minutes, as the clock ticked down he was cursing my flirtatious manner.  Call me a sadistic brat, but I love knowing, after all these years, I can still drive him crazy with a slight tilt of my head and the lowering of my eyelashes.


So having been forced to head separate ways until the weekend and having a little time to spare (total procrastination effort), I couldn’t resist but pop into the local pub and embracing my inner Kardashian (my rl name does start with a K so I “could”  be a missing member of the family).  In the age of technology, seems only logically to bring up skype and have your special person ride along with you!  Just be careful how you position that cellphone ;).

Tonight has been one of those rare nights were Second Life captured my attention once more (even with eight essays to write).  I had so much fun creating these photos and enjoying lengthy conversations with both my sister Alexa and brother Frankx.  It is nights like these that reinforces to me the power that is Second Life. In the end it isn’t the prims that form the binding from our keyboard to login page it is instead the place we log into because our hearts and souls have made unique connections with others.  Honestly, there is nothing better in life than that.

Have a great week everyone, keep safe and I’ll be returning in just over four weeks time to chat and have a whole lot more fun.

Much love to all, PB xxx

oh and Mr. P… this is “something” the dj played, just for you. 


2 comments on “Working it like a Kardashian

  1. Cougar Sangria
    September 16, 2016

    Glad to hear you are doing well. You are missed♥

    • purplebutterfly lykin
      September 16, 2016

      Awee thank you Cougar. Hugs.

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