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Workin’ on my Country Laid Back.




Definition: The act of texting, eating and

watching TV with an open textbook nearby.

I snapped this photo a couple of weeks ago when I was at the height of my study schedule.  Most nights after I had settled into my real life chair with notepad and textbook I would log into Second Life and settle PB down in the same way.  What initially starting as a pure act of procrastination, actually turned into a good study ritual for me to be able to clear the mind of all the day’s happenings and focus on the task at hand.  Maybe it was inspirational to see PB being so dedicated when I did happen to glance up at my screen?  Hmm interesting concept, do you think pixels can guilt us?

Having now sat my final exam, and after a grueling ten months of study, I am finally on summer break and looking forward to just being able to chill out, relax and enjoy life to the fullest until class starts again in 2017.

Whilst studying can be a lonely road for distance students, I also recognise that it is hard on the people around us, as we shut everything and everyone out.  So I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive.  Disappearing for weeks on end, those little offlines showing I’m still in people’s thoughts have been so very appreciated.  Not to mention not one of you complained about my “busy” message if you happened to message me whilst in study mode.  I did laugh at some of the funny replies you all left when I did return to the computer.

I’d especially like to acknowledge and throw my arms around Mr. P. who without doubt has been my biggest supporter. His unwavering belief in my abilities carried me through some pretty dark moments this year, where exhaustion was really taking its toll.  Whilst thankfully his pragmatism, helped keep me focused and back on task when I wanted to do anything and everything but write another essay.

I’ve a sneaking suspicion tho, he’ll like the fact that every conversation won’t be “Hey, aren’t you meant to be studying?” when I slide into his arms.  (I am eternally blessed Achilles, to be able to share our lives and have you as my dearest friend. You add so much to my life. Thank you xxx)


Second Life brings something different to everyone’s life.  Luckily for me, it is filled with friends and family who add a dimension of love, care and laughter which is as unique and individual as the people who I am so blessed to know.

Now I know it is heading into winter for the northern hemisphere but here in Oz, its warming up, university is over and it is party time!

I’m thinking, beer, bourbon or whiskey what ever is your poison,  sand hills, warm water beach, country tunes and some wild antics that forever shall stay on the sim.

Anyone wanna party with me?

Take care everyone,

Hugs PB xx


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