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We all need a little love.


I sit at my computer stunned and shocked tonight.

There are so many thoughts colliding together as I attempt to unravel the decision by the American people in electing Donald Trump as President.  Of course I am a strong advocate for democratic representation and as a keen political bystander for many years, whilst I may disagree with another on political views and policies I have always endorsed that it is only when everyone’s collective views are represented within a parliament, can a country make the ethical and wise decisions needed for the success of the people.

Whilst I hold personal concerns on the impact a Trump presidency will have upon America and more broadly the international world; same as I do about the decision for Britain to leave the EU and closer to home, some of Australia’s hard line immigration policies currently being legislated; I am not going to sit here in judgement of either the process or the candidates.

What I am going to question, is, how have we gotten to a point in the Western world, where when making decisions we now openly embrace racism and disregard blatant lies as not important.  When I look across the world, there are so many angry people.  People who are obviously sick of the status quo and are prepared to tear the house down without actually considering what foundations are being put in place when rebuilding.  I come from one of the world’s most multi-cultural nations and yet sadly in today’s environment, on daily display, there is an open hatred for people who are different to ourselves, be they immigrants from a foreign land, economically disadvantaged, those living LGBTIQ lifestyles or those practicing a differing faith.

Underlying this discontent is a layer of frustration at how greed and power created from globalization, has actually created increasing inequality among society with the average citizen now feeling the economic pinch.  I see this with my own eyes in my own country, a wealthy western nation which is seeing increasing homelessness and families falling below the poverty line as jobs are lost.  Yet I am not convinced that turning inwards as countries is the answer to this worldwide crisis.

It is certainly an interesting period of time in our histories and tonight, as I sit and contemplate after such an ugly political campaign upon the why’s, how’s, and what’s; I keep returning to a single hope.  That a humanity which is gentle, kind and caring will overwhelmingly guide all our societies so we will not need to experience another world war to remember just how precious ALL life is.

Congratulations to all those who are Trump supporters and my biggest commiserations to all Clinton supporters.  I am positive much will be written and re-written in the coming days and months as the world watches cautiously at the journey our friends in Britain and now America have began.

Keep Safe and much love to everyone, PB xx






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This entry was posted on November 9, 2016 by in Idle Thoughts.

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