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Will you find the color with me?

2016 12 29 Take me there.png

One of the benefits of having so many people offline for the holiday season is there is a lot less lag when I visit different locations and I can actually spend time planning and posing for a photograph.  Usually my computer grinds to a halt and it takes me hours to be able to just get into position with that ole familiar black screen of doom regularly popping up to say hello.  The down side of course is everyone is offline and so my friends list is usually blank, leaving me plenty of free time to twiddle my thumbs and contemplate my second life.  In the past this hasn’t always been a good thing as I begin to doubt my very existence in this virtual world; wondering what I am achieving and whether I am making a difference, albeit even a small one.  Heading towards ten years in Second Life you can see the sheer thought of dragging my inventory off into the distant hills is deterrence enough to keep me sticking around.

This year I’ve found myself contemplating first life.  Never before has Second Life been such a safety net for me.  Second Life and the people who share it with me; along with this blog and you the readers, have been a necessary sanity switch, providing me a place to log into and forget about life for a couple of hours.

2016 will be one of those years etched into my eternal soul.  It has run the gauntlet of emotions, with everything from exhilarating excitement to sheer exhaustion as I achieved outstanding academic success and recognition whilst battling grueling and at times painful illness.  Happy moments with friends and family turned into fear and sadness, as the black dogs of mental illness, depression and anxiety gripped two people very dear to my heart.  Never before have I felt so completely powerless as I was forced to accept that even with all my knowledge, I could not just take away their pain and make the sun shine again.  As many people know from experience, there is nothing more heartbreaking  than to have to stand by and see those you love in such a dark place.

The double barrel blow however came with the sudden end to one of my closest friendships from Second Life at the same time as the unexpected death of a much loved, greatly admired and cherished family member.   It would be dishonest to say I haven’t been left heartbroken and reeling by these two losses.

The holidays are always hard when there is a hole in your heart, and whilst there has been a sense of emptiness and some tears this Christmas, there have also been special moments. In the quiet I have been blessed to see the amazing colors which having hope in a new year brings.

I know many people are currently worried about world events, people in power and political instability, financial constraints, ongoing war, terrorism and unrelenting natural disasters.  My belief is that the year ahead is a book yet to be written.  Each day we write upon the pages making the story unfold.  The year becomes what we do and how we react to events.  Therefore, by simply remembering we impact upon ours and others yearly story, we have a wonderful opportunity to make something amazing.

I’m going to be offline until after New Years so I’ll leave you all with wishes for a 2017 which brings happiness, health, safety and great love to everyone.

Embrace all colors and be nothing but amazing, because life really is too short and complicated to be anything but.

Hugs, PB xxx


Lyrics ~One Republic : Colors.

I think it’s time that I told you
I’m a fan of your universe
And every shade that you offer
It’s different but I know it works
I’m addicted to the magic
And the glow of the city lights
I felt it in my veins just didn’t know how to say it right

She said do you see me in black and white
Do you need me every day and night
I said I don’t wanna dance with another
We could feel this darkness with each other

Cause when I look at you I see colors
When I look at you I see colors

Everyone’s got their own light
Some shine and they fade away
Everyone’s got a story
Some change every single day

She said do you see me in shades of grey
Do you need me like I need you that way
I say I don’t wanna lay with another
We could feel this quiet with each other

And when I look at you I see colors
When I look at you I see colors
I see woo colors
I see woo colors

Every time I look at you lately
I see colors they’re changing
Every time I look at you lately
I see colors
I see you in black and white
I see you in the brightest light

Yeah when I look at you colors
When I look at you I see colors
When I look at you I see woo colors
I see woo colors


2 comments on “Will you find the color with me?

  1. Juggy
    January 1, 2017

    Indeed, another year flew away, taking all it’s events with it. There are events, occasions that will sooth if time passes by, but they will never be out of our minds, whether they are nice events/occasions or sad ones. My believe is that the more matured you get, the more events/occasions get to you as when you were younger. Whether we like it or not, it is something we cannot change. We only can believe in ourselves and be as good, as patient, as humble as we are. And if it gets to us too much, we crawl under a blanket and cry, or we need to scream loudly to somehow give it a place in our life.
    PB, I wish you and yours a blessed 2017 and also a healthy one. A 2017 that maybe is the start for a more peaceful era for all of us in this world. Huggss!

    • PurpleButterfly Lykin
      January 1, 2017

      Happy New Year Juggy! My fingers are crossed that everyone has a wonderful 2017 and the world starts to settle down a little. Guess all will be revealed in 12 months time LOL. It has started off peaceful enough here in Oz. Hugs.

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