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Something to remember – OC#02

2017 01 18 Old Jacket .png

Everything in life is temporary.

If things are going good, enjoy it.

If things are going bad, don’t worry.

Because it won’t last forever either.

I never thought I would say this, but, I’ve really been enjoying digging about in my inventory clothing folder.  When I am feeling a little bored from  sorting items, I’ve been challenging myself to take an old clothing item and re-vamp it into a fashionably acceptable look for today. It is a bit like op shopping in real life, so it’s a pity that so many items in Second Life are now non transferable.  It always feels to me, so wasteful hitting the delete button on a perfectly good item. The benefit I guess is as advancement is made in quality, the grid overwhelmingly moves forward and isn’t stuck in a time warp of ill fitting, bad pattern matched mesh outfits.

2017 01 18 Old Jacket old Jeans.png

Because of the great textures, I was honestly surprised when checking the acquired date for this jacket.  Mesh had only been on grid slightly longer than a year when I purchased it back in February 2013.  It also fitted the Maitreya Lara body perfectly, although I did need to use an applicator top for underneath as everything else poked through. One of the issues of having beautiful mesh body perky boobies and something I will never complain about LOL.  So even resorting to an applicator, the end result was so perfect that I took myself off exploring.

What do you think, would I get a pass mark from the fashion police?

Remember you can join the Old Clothes Challenge at any time, for one week or more. All you need to do is wear an item which pre-dates 2017 and link your blog post back to here. It really is that easy.

So this week, I encourage you; go digging in your inventory. Create an outfit and share it on your blog.

I’d love to see what treasurers you all come up with!

Take Care all,

Hugs ❤ PB xx


Erratic – taylor – denim pants (spruce) – acquired May 2016
Ingenue – Melisande Heels (Latte) – acquired June 2016
Emery – Mesh Leather Jacket Saul Peru – acquired February 2013
DeLa – Elsiei (Dark Browns) – acquired July 2016

2 comments on “Something to remember – OC#02

  1. Travvy
    January 23, 2017

    Old or new you are always hotter than a firecracker

    • PurpleButterfly Lykin
      January 24, 2017

      Thanks Trav. Think there is more old than new these days lol. Hugs.

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