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PurpleButterfly Lykin

The Master of Anticipation.



You ask me, Baby what is it that you want?

I want to be that cold shiver running down your spine.

I want to be the taste on your lips, that’s oh so divine.

I want to be on your mind when you are thinking of sin.

I want to lick and kiss every inch of your skin.

I want you to tremble at my slightest touch.

But most importantly, I want to be the ache in your crotch.

Your wicked temptation and glorious anticipation.


There is no other bond as powerful and strong as the sexual connection between a passionate Dominate and his loving submissive.

When quotes, music and photos come together with ease you just know its a blog post made in heaven.  Whilst there is certainly  pleasure and bliss involved here, I’m not really sure us P’s are harnessing any angelic goodness at all.

Mind you, wouldn’t heaven have to include everyone’s personal interpretations? And given any personal heaven of mine would without doubt include Mr. P, then yep people .. we are doing heaven right here. (I know.. I know .. PB behave!)

Today I am all about feeling good and enjoying life.  So I want to really encourage you all to listen to my song share today. Shape of you is a new song by Ed Sheeran and this song totally rocks.  It immediately puts me in a certain sassy attitude and my hips swing as I strut my stuff and sing along. I really hope you give it a listen as I think like me, you’ll have a smile on your face afterwards too. (oh I know .. I know … PB BEHAVE!)

As Ed sings .. Mmmmmhhhm, Have a great weekend all and remember smile!

Hugs PB ❤






2 comments on “The Master of Anticipation.

  1. Cougar Sangria
    January 27, 2017

    OOh La La!!!!! You Naughty woman! I do approve lol♥ ^5

    • PurpleButterfly Lykin
      January 27, 2017

      I knew someone would totally get it and I’m not surprised at all it was you Cougar hahahahaha ❤

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