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There is Beauty in Simplicity – (OC#03)

2017 01 24 Yacht Club.png

Over the years I have known many people who have fallen in love with sailing the Second Life seas.  It is something I’ve always wanted to do but also one of those things I’ve never really gotten into.  I am painfully aware of just how weak my current internet connection is and as a result, my already bad Second Life driving ability becomes beyond even an attempt at humour.

Whilst I have enjoyed the few times someone has taken me out on the water, the main reason holding me back is it just doesn’t seem like a fun activity to do on your own.  My available online time is in the quiet hours for Second Life when everyone else is either working or sleeping.  Of course I realize that if I applied this reasoning to all my exploring and adventures, I would never venture out of my house!  And that so isn’t happening as there are clothes to buy and photos to take!

2017 01 24 Boat Club.png

Which brings me to today’s old clothes challenge, dating back to 2014.  When ColdLogic burst onto the scene with its mesh clothing range, I became an instant fan.  The quality and fit was beyond amazing and their clothes always had a sense of class about them.  Yes, including their casual range.  In this year of “inventory clean out” whilst I have had to delete some styles, I am rather thankful that many of my older ColdLogic clothes still fit with my Maitreya mesh body.

So once dressed for some seaside relaxing I looked in search and found Fishers Island Yacht Club. There are actually three separate facilities, each offering places to relax, chat, enjoy a coffee or cooler refreshment from the bar, and of course the ability to rezz your boat if you don’t have it already moored at a marina.

I’ve included the SLurl’s to all three facilities below for you to explore as each is unique and offers different sea to sail.  As for me and that Second Life sailing wish, I’m making a commitment to rezz a boat next week and go watch a glorious ocean sunset.  Nothing more beautiful or simple in life than that.

Hugs PB ❤

Of course, let me know if you want to come with me, because I do hear sailing is better with two .. or three .. or more 🙂 

Fishers Island Yacht Club

Facilities at Sailors Rest :

slurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sailors%20Rest/167/239/24

Facilities at Cut Water

slurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cut%20Water/7/226/23

Rainforest Club & Marina @ Cerrado

slurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cerrado/38/229/23


Top – ColdLogic : Saunders (Crimson) (acquired July 2014)

Shorts – Kitja : Mimi Shorts (White) (acquired June 2015)

Shoes – YS&YS : Xmas Sandal (acquired December 2014)

Hair – D!va : Leah (Citrine) (acquired July 2016)


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