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No matter where it takes you, always seek out the truth – (OC#04)

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I’m issuing a warning alert, PB is about to get a wee bit political because I am over people talking about FAKE news!  Alternate facts do not exist; they are what we have always called lies.  I refuse to silently let a PR stunt of wordplay, erode the negative connotations from what we know is the deliberate telling of untruths.

Given Australia was the first country to experience foreign affairs Trump style (aka completely inexperienced, temperamental and devoid of respect or the facts), I couldn’t help but find some humor in the monumental foreign affairs stuff up Trump had regarding Sweden this past week.

Sweden is Sweden.  It is universally known as the land of unbelievably good looking men and woman, girls and boys, who gave the world ABBA, and where nothing much happens on any given day, let alone last Friday.  With the misguided uttering of a single sentence, which was factually incorrect and definitely not verified Sweden hit the worldwide headlines.  Just to highlight – repeating anything from Fox News is like submitting a university paper written from Wikipedia! A certain and quick way to a fail!

So in Sweden’s honour, I decided the song this week (a cover of Issues by Julie Michaels) should highlight Sara Farell, a young singer from Sweden who I follow on YouTube.  (If you have time, I recommend listening to a few of her other songs.) 

Now whilst I encourage you to listen to the words because it is actually a fantastic love song, I also recommend that you listen to the lyrics with your thoughts on the current political situation of the United States of America and its interactions with, well, the rest of the world.

Putting it very simply, minus the Fox News bullshit and spin; as residents of this wonderful planet Earth; as nations; we all actually need one another and yes, that includes ALL our differing points of views.  But we need to make sure our beliefs, ideas and suggestions are structured deep within the truth of facts.  We need to seek out the truth and at times question our own beliefs and what underpins them.  In Secondlife we can easily live in make believe and fairytales, although we all know of the pain that usually causes.  Real existence is no different.  We cannot be sustained by lies and eventually, cracks appear before it then tumbles down, bringing down everything else in its way.

Most people know what it feels like to be excluded at some point, and even with such an interconnected world we would be naive to not think that nations can’t experience this.  Lies, animosity and division will never fix problems, instead they will only build resentment on the other face of the sphere; and this is when we have to stand up and accept that to solve the problems facing the world, and for prosperity and harmony, we all do need one another, issues and all.

So whilst I would love to gather around an IKEA table, enjoy Swedish meatballs with you all and sing Dancing Queen, instead I’ll leave you with two little tidbits.

*  Sweden is home to the Ice Hotel top of my bucket list and where my mother-in-law whilst staying there a couple of years ago, slipped off a chair in the foyer and broke both her wrists!

* And this last point I think is totally amazing and should be implemented by all nations immediately. The official Twitter account of Sweden is given to a random citizen each week to manage.

Hmmm, problem solving World Peace Tip No. 1 – Stay off the Tweets!

Have a great week everyone!

Hugs, PB ❤

NB : As I am wearing items acquired between 2015-2016 in the photo above this fits into my 2017 Old Clothes Challenge for this week. All the items are listed below.


Hair: Exile- Eyes On Me (Acquired December 2016)

Top: Zaara – Ruhi layered blouse (rose) (Acquired April 2016)

Shorts: Zaara – Mahi patchwork shorts (ivory floral) (Acquired April 2016)

Shoes:  fri.- Darcy.Flats (Blush) (Acquired April 2015)


Zenith – Rattan Shoulder Flower Bag (Cream) (Acquired Aug 2015)

Pure Poison – Taurus Phone (Acquired Feb 2016)


2 comments on “No matter where it takes you, always seek out the truth – (OC#04)

  1. Travvy
    February 24, 2017

    Such a great post young lady. Always love reading your blog.

    • PurpleButterfly Lykin
      February 24, 2017

      Thanks so much Trav for the continued support!

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