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It’s a Game Changer

2015 03 23 PB Achilles - cutting cake

Mr & Mrs Pizzicato – 23rd March 2015

Long before this moment he knew she was his Game Changer,

                             The one girl who had redefined everything he thought he knew about amazing.

And long before this moment she knew he was her Game Changer,

The only man who made nothing else matter, the one she completely belonged to.

With this moment, sealed by a promise, they had rewritten the rules on each others souls,

Bonding them together as one and changing the game forever.

Life offers us very few guarantees.  We get born, we die.

And well in between that …

… we live all the experiences that we are given, with those moments which are most significant forming our good and bad memories.  As we move through life, over and over we will hear that it is not the material objects we possess which ultimately decide a life well lived.  Instead it is in the relationships we share with others.  There are no hidden surprises that a persons life is happier and more fulfilled when enjoying the love of another, but that same life becomes far more profound when they themselves, can return that love.

As anyone who has spent a long time in Second Life knows, relationships (both romantic and friendship) are heavily impacted upon by the constantly changing environments and the rather easy and ample temptation Second Life has on offer.  This is without even factoring in challenging time zones, real life obligations, misunderstandings regarding text based communication and sadly I have to say, boredom.  We live in a fast paced world today, where most of the time our senses are overloaded by the digital feast at our fingertips, and so it happens, that sometimes people loose their shine and instead become the stable table of our friendship list, instead of the shining star they once were.  Or worse scenario, they disappear all together.

So taking all things into consideration, it is quite an achievement and something I’m rather proud to share, that the P’s just celebrated their second wedding anniversary in Second Life.  While our involvement together spans nearly seven years a little later this year, and it did take us four years to get to the altar (a nice way of saying, one of those on again off again flexible relationships), it is the past two years which has created some of our fondest memories.

P Wedding

I will be honest, although I desperately wanted to be Mr. P’s partner and share his name,  I didn’t really think given our long history that getting married would change all that much.  After all, we’ve seen it countless times in Second Life, the nice sunset windlight and yummy cake (which is guaranteed not to hit the hips), does not usually mean happily ever after for longer than about twelve weeks.

Maybe if  you had asked me at the time, I would have suggested that for me it was just a little name change and loosing the ability to tease him about his commitment phobic ways.  For him, well you’d probably have to ask him, but I suspect he would have feared loosing the spontaneity and excitement of our relationship for a more steady as she goes, demands made; obligations met; style.

So after two amazing years, I want to say that getting married has made us into the couple we are today.  Because of who we are as people and those simple promises we made, there is a deeper commitment to doing right by the other.  It is that commitment to each other which helps us understand and weather the long absences we endure whilst also ensuring when times get hard we do not just toss it all away.  Because being apart, means missing someone and that always hurts.

I have often suggested that it is because we do not see one another all the time that we have been able to go the distance but I also know it takes incredible dedication and strength of character to commit to such a relationship.  It is not easy and certainly is not done without deep thought and consideration.

P Wedding dance

There are no new photos to share as we didn’t get dressed up to the nines to dance the night away. Instead, like most of our relationship, it was just the two of us, entwined in each others arms, making the most of the precious time  we had together before the telephone rings and real life begins again.

On that note, with jobs to do, thanks for letting me ramble and have a great week everyone!

Hugs PB ❤

As explained on this blog before, years ago , not long after we first met, I shared a poignant song and video with Mr. P. and from that moment,”Damon and Elena” became like a pseudo couple that I often use to capture significant emotions between us.  My YouTube dedication tonight is directly to Mr. P. (yes darling you are being told to listen to this one 😉 however if anyone else watches make sure you have some privacy as it gets a little steamy half way through. Of course, now I’m wondering how many of you decide to watch it when you weren’t originally going to! LOL).


4 comments on “It’s a Game Changer

  1. Alexa
    March 25, 2017

    Happy Anniversary! Hope you have many more 🙂

    • PurpleButterfly Lykin
      March 25, 2017

      Ta Sissy! I hope so to hahaha.

  2. Juggy
    March 25, 2017

    Two years!!! Way to go PB and Achilles, congrats to you both. And I know….many more years will follow 🙂 Huggss

    • PurpleButterfly Lykin
      March 25, 2017

      Thanks Juggy, got the fingers crossed you are right 🙂 Hugsss

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