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46 never looked so good! – (OCC#6)

2017 04 24 PB Drinks.png

The older you get; the better you get.

Unless you are a banana.

~ Betty White

After taking time out to get back on my feet after some recent ill health I’m finally ready to dip my foot back into blog sphere.  While my energy levels are still rather depleted I have enjoyed creating a random photo here and there when logged into Second Life. Although, I have to admit to being caught napping at the keyboard on more than one occasion; and I apologise to anyone who’s messages went unanswered whilst my avatar casually waited for me to wake up.

With my 46th Birthday looming in less than an hour, my twisted sense of humour felt it was only fitting to do another Old Clothes Challenge post (OCC) by digging into my wardrobe for this cute shirt dress from CD purchased September 2016.  The purpose of the Old Clothes Challenge is to find within my inventory, pre-2017 items of clothing and give them the limelight to shine.  In my books being older items shouldn’t mean they are destined for the scrap heap and that should be just as relateable to real life.


Whilst some days I feel as if another 100 years have been added to my age and that it is long past time where I should be moving into the nursing home to room with my 93 year old grandma and slurp on soup whilst watching Disney movies all day.  Other moments of my life leave me feeling much like I did in my 20’s, full of wonder and excitement.  I still love the acquisition of knowledge and discovering new facets of the world around me.  Every day there is something new and I pray that sense of discovery never disappears.

I dreaded entering my 40’s and refused to even speak the number forty for a good 12 months.  Wasn’t so much the physical vanity of ageing that bothered me; my hairdresser has long been covering those grey hairs and finally, there was an excuse to toss away the heels and love up on my favourite sturdy flat shoes!  What weighed down upon me was an overbearing feeling of underachievement.  That at this half way point of my life what had I managed to scribe upon my list of life achievements.

Six years on, I can now sit back and smile, realising that with age has come wisdom and peaceful acceptance.  At 46, I am finally 100% comfortable in my own person.  Although as seen by my birthday present, a special edition Fitbit Blaze, there are of course still aspects I’d love to change. LOL how on earth does a simple clock face guilt one into jumping up at 11pm to complete the required steps for the day???!!!

I am happy with my personal style which I’d describe as a mix of class, mystery and dash of utter randomness to become what is uniquely me.  I admit there is a sense of pleasure watching people attempt to unpackage me to fit within their ideas of what I “should” be; to only discover that I am something completely different and often completely surprising.

So my focus tomorrow won’t be upon the new number shining above my head, or the lack of steps I haven’t walked yet!  Instead I’m planning to enjoy slices of birthday cake, open presents and bask in all the wishes from those I know.  And in the quiet moments, after contemplating what lies ahead in the next year of my life, I’m going to take a moment to be proud that in this moment of my life, I’m more than any list could attribute to me and that being just me, is not only enough, but finally all I want to be.

Hopefully you will all join me in a piece of cake!

Have a great week everyone,

Hugs, PB ❤

Hair: Exile – Cold (acquired Sep 2016)
Dress: CD – Isaria Black Dress (acquired Sep 2016)
Shoes: Reign – Hierarchy Heels  (acquired Dec 2016)
Jewellery: MG – Sugarheart Necklace

2 comments on “46 never looked so good! – (OCC#6)

  1. Travvy
    April 27, 2017

    Happy Happy birthday pb.

    • PurpleButterfly Lykin
      April 27, 2017

      Thankies Trav. Hugs.

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